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How To Always Be In Fashion

Believe it or not, being in fashion does not have to do so much about whether you follow the trends rather than whether you follow some basic rules that you always apply in order to be dressed correctly. For some people taking care of their outfits is a way to express themselves. Some people choose colorful clothing when they are in a good mood while others choose bright colors when they feel sad to change their mood. Sometimes being rock and naughty is what fashion demands. In most cases though, elegance is what fashion is mostly about.

Today we will have a look at what you can do to always be in fashion.

  1. Understand the basics
    Right now Italy has the best reputation in the world regarding fashion. Paris and New York follow Rome and Milan and there is a reason for that. It is called simplicity or in other words, less is more. If you don’t know how to combine the colors or which fabrics look nice together just keep it as simple as possible. Most people across Italy except for Milan where you can see some eccentric choices are dressed in the simplest way. What they care about is to be clean and wear cologne. The presence of jewelry is also common for Italians. The criterion on how to choose their clothing is to find something that highlights their beauty. Once you realize that ”You wear your clothes and clothes do not wear you,” you are on the right way.
  2. Know what suits you right
    There is not a right body there is a correct way to dress according to your body type. Understanding what makes you look nice will make you look elegant no matter what the fashion trend demands from consumers. The proper clothing will distract other people’s attention from the parts that look less nice and highlight the parts that could be considered strong. In order to not mess up with that, we advise you to pay a visit to a professional stylist and ask for their advice. They will let you know which colors make your face look brighter and which fabrics are nice on your skin. Most importantly they will give you a piece of advice about the style of clothing that suits your body.
  3. Know what you have in your closet
    Most of the time we may have bought a thousand pieces of clothing and end up wearing the same things every day. This happens for two reasons. Reason number one is that we feel comfortable with some clothes either because they are not tight or because we believe they fit well and make us look nice. The other reason is that we simply have no idea of what is in our closet. Going shopping has absolutely nothing to offer you if you don’t know what you have in your wardrobe already. When you don’t know what’s in there how do you expect to combine them correctly?
  4. Be dressed according to the occasion
    Fashion trends come and go all the time. What you should care about is how to be classy and follow some common rules to outstand in a nice way. Being dressed according to the occasion is again one of the basic rules to always be dressed correctly. This way you don’t follow the trend, you simply follow the occasion. No matter what the case is, you will never be noticed for your unsuccessful choice of getting dressed.
  5. Fashions shows and celebrities
    Watching fashion shows is the best way to be updated on what is next. However, keep in mind that what you see on the shows will come to the stores after a few months. In case you don’t feel comfortable about being the first one to try an eccentric new trend, you can use the shows as a reference and keep a more low profile for yourself. Again if you are the type of person that is bored of fashion shows and you are not very much into the ”sport,” we still have suggestions for you. If fashion changes don’t worry celebrities will let us know. Keep an eye on their style and you will automatically know what is hot. Following celebrities is much more interesting for some people than watching fashion shows because they get a whole bunch of information apart from the stylish part.

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