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Signs Betraying The Liar

Being honest in such a demanding world could only be considered to be a luxury. Unfortunately, circumstances often lead us to the point where we don’t find alternatives to defend ourselves and we turn into lying. The problem is that when people do this to us, we absolutely have no reason to accept such behavior. Besides the choice to speak the truth is always there. As long as you are not very strict with your company they will probably avoid going into the trouble of fooling you. Another reason why it is important to uncover people’s lies is to set a good example. If you tolerate this unacceptable attitude people will be encouraged to repeat it. At the same time, others who notice how simple life can be when you are a cheater will follow their example. For these and many other reasons, we have decided to give you some hints in order to be able to tell who is honest and who is not.

Below, we give some tips that you may find useful.

  1. Their body language and voice tonality changes
    Inevitably people become nervous when they have to lie. Their smile is not genuine, their movements are not authentic, and their overall posture is different. A common thing is that they tend to move their feet up and down to release the tension from their body. Body language can betray them in many ways. Covering the mouth is a spontaneous reaction that liars do in an attempt to avoid being confronted in case they don’t convince you. When people tell the truth they have a normal way of looking at others. While lying some people blink a lot, while others stare at you to persuade you that they are being honest. You may also want to pay attention to the tone of their voice. If this is unstable and there are many gaps in their speech, this is a clear indication of an effort to hide something. Now, due to the fact that many people are familiar with body language concepts, they try to adopt the correct body language to mislead their interlocutors. So, keep the basics in mind, but also look for other signs as well.
  2. They make mistakes
    No matter how well they have been prepared, eventually, they will make mistakes. A good idea to uncover their lies is to ask the question about certain parts of their story. Once you ask the question let them know that you have all the time available to listen to their explanation. Let them start talking and take the thing on their shoulders. The more they talk, the more likely it is to be exposed. Besides, you will be able to evaluate how willing and eager they are to share the details with you. A little bluffing also, wouldn’t hurt. Pretend that you are suspicious about them and see how they react. If they become nervous and weird, there you are; you have your sign.
  3. They stick to certain parts of the story and give many details
    When you prepare a lie, you want to be as convincing as possible. This is why you collect a bunch of useless details to share with others. Details can distract them and in some cases, they might make you seem real. However, there is detail and there is too much detail. The best thing to do, to estimate the situation is to compare the way they describe the story to previous cases. This way you can have a measure to compare. Last but not least, liars always prefer some parts of the story compared to some others. Some people claim that the best lies have a small amount of truth in them. This makes it easier for the person who tells the lie to remember the story. They connect some parts of the imagination with the actual facts and stick to their favorite parts. For example, you can make up a story where you keep the place and time real and maybe the people who are involved. After that, you change the facts the way you want. Remember the story is theirs and it is up to them how it will evolve and at which part most action seems to take place.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - CEO Advisory - Signs Betraying The Liar
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