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6 Things You Should Know About French Universities

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France is home to some of the most highly ranked universities in the world. These universities have fared well in regional and international rankings and attract students from all over the world. Due to their popularity which has been only surging with time, French universities have become hotspots of a diverse student community shaping them into cosmopolitan centers of exemplary education and learning. Therefore, it is no wonder that French universities interest you (otherwise you wouldn’t be here!).

I am pretty sure you are here to gain some knowledge of what French universities are all about. Well, they are awesome, but there is so much more about them that needs to be told. If you are thinking of attending a French university, you must updated yourself regarding these universities.

Over here, I am going to give you a head-start. Read below 5 things about French Universities you should know.

  1. On-campus accommodation is not common
    Most students expect some or other form of on-campus accommodation so that they can cut down on the cost of living and transportation. However, those of you coming to France might be disappointed to know that not many universities here offer on-campus accommodation facilities. You might not even find housing affiliated with your universities, which is otherwise usually a norm in many other European countries. So, there is a high chance that you will end up living away from the campus and spending a sizeable amount on transportation. Hence, make sure you know about the accommodation facilities before moving.
  2. Lack of a centralized campus
    In most countries, it is a common feature to have centralized campuses which means you have all the infrastructural amenities around you. However, French universities do not usually maintain a centralized campus as a result of which you will have residential halls, libraries, and academic hall in different locations. So, be ready to travel to and fro campus regularly, though the wonderful French public transportation would really ease things out for you.
  3. There will be greater independence
    One of the things I found out about these universities is the fact that professors do not spoon-feed you and will give you the liberty to choose your readings. What most professors do is provide their students a list of sources from which they can choose and read. This might create problems at times because you will not know what you should be prepared for before each class. This means you will have to follow lectures regularly to know where the class is at and what you need to be prepared with. But, whatever the case may be, the lack of dependence on professors will offer you opportunities to undertake independent learning and explore different avenues of education.
  4. Take your assignments seriously
    In most universities across the world, students are asked to make assignments time and again during a semester. However, things are different at French universities. Over here, the academic curriculum has been structured in a way that assignments are fewer in number; this means your assignments will be heavily graded. Many students think that they can cover-up, but this might not be easy in French universities. So, it is highly advised to not take assignments lightly because you won’t be getting too many of them.
  5. Not many club activities
    Universities are generally known for offering myriad opportunities to engage in extra-curricular activities. French universities are not very popular for organizing club activities, which means you will have to figure out how to engage in extra-curricular activities outside the campus. This comes as a bummer, of course, but it does not mean there are no options outside. Yes, it just extra work because you will have to find out where you can avail of your desired activities. I advise you to contact student forums which most French universities maintain and seek suggestions from them.
  6. Handle the load
    I have kept the most important thing for the last!
    French universities are among the best in the world. This means you will meet stiff competition from your batchmates during your study. Do not be intimidated by this. Yes, it can make you quite anxious but take this as an opportunity to learn from the best.

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