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6 Things You Might Not Know About the Cosmetic Brand, M.A.C.

MAC Cosmetics is one of the big names in the fashion industry. This Canadian brand has become a mainstay in personal grooming, and people are already in awe of the fabulous collection of choices they get. Ever since its foundation, it is increasingly strengthening its foothold and has transcended the conventional Canadian borders and has its presence in many countries. It oversees the management of its empire from New York, where it moved after it became a subsidiary of Estée Lauder Companies.

Who doesn’t love good makeup, and MAC knows that surely. However, this wonderful cosmetic brand is a story in itself. There is so much that you should know about the brand that has contributed immensely in enhancing self-confidence. In this article, I intend to tell you what makes MAC Cosmetics what it is. Let us dive deep into the facts which you might not know about this amazing brand.

I have got 6 such facts for you to remember.

  1. The founders needed good photos
    Today, whenever we go to a party and find ourselves being photographed, we become conscious about our attire and makeup. The better the camera being used, the more your makeup will be highlighted. If you haven’t done your make-up right, then you will always be reminded of that fact through the photos. The founders of MAC Cosmetics had that concern back in the time when high definition photos weren’t even a thing. In the year 1984, Frank Angelo, a salon proprietor, and Frank Toskan, a photographer, were unimpressed by the way make-up would usually appear in photos. They began considering a line of make-up that would sit well on the face and look good on camera. That is how MAC came into existence.
  2. Professional make-up artists at stores
    One thing about MAC Cosmetics is its approach towards the marketing of its products. In all the stores maintained by the brand, there are professional make-up artists employed. This gives a really appealing selling point to the brand because the customers would get a first-hand opportunity to decide whether the brand would actually go well with their needs.
  3. If it weren’t for Madonna
    There is a reason why endorsement by high profile personalities is so important in the fashion industry. Your brand could be just a fresh-out-of-the-oven creation or a less known entity but an endorsement by a celebrity could skyrocket its popularity. Need an example, every time Elon Musk tweets about anything, that ‘anything’ does not remain ordinary anymore. So, what is the story behind MAC’s? During a photoshoot, Madonna wore a matte red lipstick, and it was since then the popularity of the brand surged in the public. Things only got better when Madonna donned a M.A.C. T-shirt!
  4. The first spokesperson of the company’s Viva Glam was a highlight
    Cosmetic companies usually go for supermodels for the endorsement of their products. However, MAC Cosmetics took an unconventional route when it cast a drag queen. You must have heard of RuPaul, who is a famous American drag queen. The brand picked up RuPaul as its first Viva Glam spokesperson in the year 1994. The selection of RuPaul made headlines in all major fashion media outlets and was hailed as a very progressive step towards inclusivity in the industry.
  5. The best-selling celebrity collection
    You might not know this but MAC Cosmetics holds a record. In the year 2012, it introduced the MAC Selena collection upon collaboration with the estate of Selena Quintaniallia Perez (Queen of Tejano Music). The collection sold out in many MAC stores and online platforms. Fans of Selena reportedly stood in line for hours to get products from the collection. Ultimately, the collection went on to become the best-selling celebrity collection in the history of cosmetics. This incident is said to have impacted the reputation of the brand in regions where it was not very popular.
  6. More lipsticks than any other
    We have just talked about a historic feat that MAC Cosmetics accomplished back in 2012. There is one more which you should know about. Research conducted the same year showed that the brand sold more lipsticks than any other cosmetic brand in the world. Talk about being famous!

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