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Best Roses To Buy For Your Loved Ones

Romance really can start with just one rose!

This Valentine’s Day, give your loved one the perfect collection of roses to truly express how much they mean to you.

Roses have always been synonymous with love. And is a great way to showcase that emotion. But did you know that there are actually a whole range of types of roses you can choose from, with each one representing something a bit different?

The best roses to buy for your loved one are those that are able to timelessly capture a specific message that words simply can not express. And that really comes down to the color of the rose! There is the right one out there for your partner, your mother, your sister, or even your really good friend. Plus, how the rose (or roses) are presented can really take the gesture to a whole new level.

We are here to be your rose decoder and share the inside scoop on what the best options are for each and every one of your loved ones.

  1. A box of roses
    According to Venus Et Fleur reviews, these are the premium roses that you can gift to someone that you care about. Not only are they perfectly crafted roses, but they are immaculately displayed in a luxurious looking box. What’s more is that they also have an incredibly long life span, on average lasting up to a year! So if you are looking for a premium way to show a special someone that your love will last forever, then a box of red roses is the way to go. But you can also choose a whole range of rose colors to ensure that the presentation is personalized perfectly for the recipient.

  2. A single red rose
    This gesture goes hand in hand with a romantic evening out. Start the date outright by gifting a single red rose to your date as a way to symbolize they are receiving a part of your heart. It is the perfect introduction to a passionate evening you have planned—like a candlelit dinner paired with exquisite wine. The single red rose will serve as a reminder to that magical night and keep the passion alive! A single red rose is also a great addition to go with a proposal too!

  3. A bouquet of roses with a teddy bear
    Perfect for a family member you love like your mom or sister, or a long-term partner with who you have a passionate yet comfortable relationship. The collection of roses compliment the cuteness of the teddy bear and is sure to make the lucky recipient smile for the rest of the day. Sometimes adding a box of chocolates into the mix makes the collection of gifts that much sweeter too!

  4. Yellow roses for your best friend
    Do you have a best friend that you absolutely love and want to ensure feel special? Getting a bouquet of yellow roses is the ultimate non-romantic gesture but will still brighten up their day. Yellow is symbolic for friendship and nothing really says best friend the way yellow roses do! But be careful on who you give yellow roses to, as it can often also be a prelude to breaking up with a lover or sending the wrong signal to a friend that you were actually wanting to date.

  5. Red and white roses combined
    Are you celebrating a special occasion with your spouse? Take the bouquet of flowers to the next level and make it a combination of red and white flowers, which symbolize unity. It is a sweet way to remind your spouse just how important they are to you and create a beautiful arrangement to be appreciated. Doing this sort of combination is often a tradition for a newlywed couple on their first Valentine’s Day together.

There are so many different types of roses and arrangements to consider getting for your loved one. But regardless of whether you go super lux and get a box of roses or decide to shift your attention to a friend you love with bright and cheerful yellow roses, the rose itself is a universal symbol for love. So what type of rose will you be choosing for your loved one?

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