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13 billionaires signed Bill Gates and Warren Buffett’s Giving Pledge in 2020

Stephen Schwarzman (right), Founder and CEO of Blackstone

Despite the pandemic, 13 billionaires have signed Bill Gates and Warren Buffett’s ‘The Giving Pledge‘ this year, promising to donate the majority of their vast wealth to philanthropy or charitable causes, either during their lifetimes or in their wills. Chief among them: Blackstone (NYSE: BX) CEO Stephen A. Schwarzman, whose estimated $20.9 billion net worth means he has the most to give away.

The Giving Pledge was started 10 years ago by philanthropists Bill and Melinda Gates and investor Warren Buffett, with the goal of encouraging some of the world’s wealthiest individuals and couples to donate the majority of their vast wealth to philanthropy or charitable causes, either during their lifetimes or in their wills. To date, 216 philanthropists from 24 countries have joined the pledge, including Mark Zuckerberg, Marc Benioff, and Brian Chesky.

Globally, signatories represent 24 countries: Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Cyprus, Germany, India, Indonesia, Israel, Malaysia, Monaco, Norway, Portugal, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Slovenia, South Africa, Switzerland, Tanzania, Turkey, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

  1. Stephen A. Schwarzman, United States
    CEO and cofounder of Blackstone
    Net worth: $20.9 billion
  2. José Ferreira Neves, Portugal
    Founder and CEO of Farfetch
    Net worth: $2.7 billion
  3. Ron and Gayle Conway, United States
    Angel Investor
    Net Worth: $1.5 billion
  4. Gordon V. Hartman, United States
    Gordon Hartman Homes
    Net Worth: at least $1 billion
  5. Dr. Yan Huo and Dr. Xue Fang, United Kingdom
    Capula Investment Management LLP
    Net Worth: at least $1 billion
  6. Robert E. “Bob” and Dorothy “Dottie” King, United States
    Eliot King & Company, Peninsula Capital
    Net Worth: N/A
  7. Marcel Arsenault, with his wife Cynda Collins Arsenault, United States
    Net Worth: N/A
    Marcel Arsenault, with his wife Cynda Collins Arsenault are co-founders of the Arsenault Family Foundation, the One Earth Future Foundation (OEF), and the Secure World Foundation (SWF). Marcel Arsenault is an investor, serial entrepreneur, and CEO of Real Capital Solutions (RCS) where he oversees a portfolio exceeding $1.5 billion in real estate assets.
  8. David and Bonnie Weekley, United States
    David Weekly Homes
  9. Chad Richison, United States
    Founder and CEO of Paycom
    Net worth: $3.4 billion
  10. William Gross, United States
    William Gross co-founded Pacific Investment Management (PIMCO)
    Net worth: $1.5 billion
  11. Rich Barton and Dr. Sarah Barton, United States
    Rich Barton co-founded Zillow Group in 2005 and currently serves as the company’s CEO. efore Zillow, he founded Expedia within Microsoft and successfully spun it out as a public company in 1999, serving as president, CEO and board director until 2003. Sarah Barton is an obstetrician and women’s health advocate who studied at the University of Washington, and now manages the Barton Family Foundation.
    Net worth: $2.1 billion
  12. Jim Pattison, Canada
    Founder of the Jim Pattison Group
    Net worth: $6.1 billion
  13. Jeff and Marieke Rothschild, United States
    Veritas Software, early Facebook employee. Jeff Rothschild made his fortune at Facebook, which he joined in 2005 as vice president of infrastructure engineering.
    Net worth: $3.7 billion
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