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How to educate your children during coronavirus

OnLine Education elearning kids

Coronavirus has created a mess in all people’s lives, turning them upside down. People work from their homes while others have to change their primary source of income. At the same time schools are close in many countries, and kids have to stay at home with their parents. How can you keep your children busy for so many hours, and how can you spend some quality time with them? No matter whether you have a babysitter or whether you have to handle them yourself, you need to have a variety of activities that will prove interesting for them. Here we have some suggestions on how to manage your time with them, and keep them happy at the same time.

Educational toys: For younger ages, where the ability to do complex activities is missing, you should pay attention to building the necessary skills. Puzzles are quite helpful and can work in that direction. Kids have to combine colors and shapes, and they add small parts to complete a bigger picture. Lego is another example. Here kids are freer, and they can play with their imagination. They can give their creations any design they like without having to follow strict rules. If you make a quick search on the network, you will find thousands of toys that can be used as educational tools for your children’s development.

Gardening: The good news is that kids love to experiment and try everything as long as it gives them some information on how the world works. Gardening is a perfect way to get in touch with nature and have a basic understanding of how nature works. Even if you live in an apartment or you don’t have a garden in your house, there are gardening kits for kids on the market that will allow your children to play and learn at the same time. The perfect chance to explore their talent lies ahead of us, and we only have to seize the opportunity.

Online courses and remote babysitters: All services that used to be provided in the past with people’s physical presence are now offered online. Babysitters are not an exception. People get hired to share time with your kids and keep them busy while you work. In the meanwhile, a bunch of online creative courses has appeared. Glomado, though, is the only one that is more concentrated on teaching younger ages and providing activities that kids can handle, connecting the learners with a cultural concept at the same time. Trusting your kids to professionals who can encourage your kids to learn new skills and open their horizons is what we call ”value for money.”

OnLine Education elearning kids

Cooking: Teaching things that will appear to be helpful in their life as grown-ups are essential. You can introduce your kids to the basic stuff regarding cooking. Start with the tools they will use and demonstrate everything they will need to do a simple dish. Show them where you keep the pots and how the stove works, if they are old enough. Let them know that they can cook healthy stuff that will help their bodies keep in shape, and show them the difference between fresh and mature vegetables. How can they tell the difference, and what should they prefer? Cooking is something that both genders should be familiar with, and it is a rather useful skill. Now maybe their only chance to find out how exciting this can be.

Workbooks, books, and writing: Whatever is associated with books can be done at home. For kids that know how to write and read, books are critical for their development. Introduce them to literature and give them a book as a gift. If they are very young, read a fairytale to them and make them interact by asking them what part they liked the most. Grow their critical thought by asking questions regarding the topic you discuss. If they are not fond of that idea, workbooks are more attractive to kids because they demand less focus. For kids over ten years old, an exciting idea would be to encourage them to write something themselves. They don’t have to be passive regarding this activity. They can go ahead and try to create something on their own.

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