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How to decide on the perfect gift

Gifts are a sign of the generosity of spirit. Even the religious tradition has placed them among the significant elements of human culture. When Jesus was born, gifts were given to welcome him on Earth and earn his kindness. Whether you have a big budget or prefer to keep your money for another purpose, the gesture is what counts.

If you pay attention to the criteria you have to check before moving on with your purchase, you will see that you can make excellent choices without being confused. Whatever the occasion or the person is, it is rather vital to make a surprise. We know that this is impossible in some cases, but as long as the circumstances allow it, try to work in that direction. It will add an extra value to the gift, and it will mean a lot. In this article, we drop some thought on what you have to consider when you want to surprise your beloved ones pleasantly.

  1. The time: The time of the year is a simple example. Christmas is always about being warm and comfy, while spring is more about getting wild and celebrating life. The season is a beautiful example of what you need to keep in mind regarding the gift. It will be better to buy them something that they will use when you give it to them. Imagine the expression on the other person’s face when they open up your gift, and they realize another six months have to pass until the summer comes when they will be able to use the fancy swimming suit you just gave them.
  2. The occasion: The occasion for which you buy the gift plays a critical role in the selection of the item. If it is a wedding, for example, it has to be something that both people will be able to use. Maybe something for their garden or their kitchen. If it is a baby shower, it can be a gift for the baby, but also it can be something that the parents will be able to use to make their lives easier. An anniversary requires a more personal and romantic approach. In the working environment, on the other hand, gifts are expected to be more formal. Birthday is usually the case when you can get more personal, even if the other person is just a friend.
  3. The person: The person you are buying the present for is essential. Is it a man? Is it a woman? Another essential thing is how old they are. Buy something that is consistent with their age. If they are old, make sure you don’t offend them. Anti-wrinkle cream for a 40-year-old woman implies that they should take better care of their skin, and it is not a compliment. You can also check some details on the person’s personality. An introvert would probably enjoy a book or a crafts kit, while an extrovert would probably settle for a microphone to organize their next karaoke party. In other words, know your audience.
  4. Talk to them: The best way to decide on a present is to buy what people want. Push your memory to remember what they may have told you in the past about the things they like. If you don’t seem to have any good memories in the matter, ask the other person questions regarding their possessions, without leading them to suspect you are just fishing for information. In any case, if you talk to them, it will be like you are letting them decide what they want without having to ask directly.
  5. Be unique: Avoid common gifts, like photo frames, and focus on how you will pass the thoughtfulness and effort you made to buy the perfect gift to the person who will receive it. A flower, a handmade gift, a cd with their favorite songs maybe really charming and well-received. If you don’t want to get that mellow, you can give them a ticket for a concert, a spa package, or a voucher for their favorite restaurant. For no reason should you ever give money to show your appreciation, especially to someone you love. Follow the well-known recipe; Think outside of the box.
Anna Siampani
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