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Find the best universities in Scotland

Scotland is a place with a rich history, unique traditions, friendly lifestyle, and festivities. Not just these, Scotland is home to some of the most beautiful landscapes on the planet earth so there is a whole package awaiting anyone who decides to come here. However, we all know why we are here. We are here to find out whether Scottish universities are as good as they say. Well, undoubtedly, Scottish universities are among the finest in the United Kingdom and the world.

Many Scottish universities perform exceptionally well on several parameters such as student-teacher ratio, publications, faculty experience, international students, etc. They have a strong, steady focus on quality education which has been duly acknowledged in their international rankings. Just to give you a heads-up, I have mentioned a few of them here below. So, read along and you will know.

  1. University of Edinburgh
    Carrying forward a legacy that dates back to the 16th century, the University of Edinburgh is one of the oldest English-speaking universities in the world. Not just that, it is usually in the top 30 and has an incredible footing in terms of academic excellence and research output. Its academic organization includes a range of colleges and schools such as those offering courses in Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences, Medicine and Veterinary Medicine, and Science and Engineering. Also, it has received memberships of many research-oriented organizations such as the League of European Research Universities and the Russell Group. Its alumni network comprises many influential personalities of the past and the present.

  2. University of Glasgow
    The University of Glasgow was established in the year 1451 and is one of the ancient Scottish universities. Just like the University of Edinburg, it is associated with venerated groups such as the Russell Group. As of today, it consists of 4 Colleges that operate separate schools.

    These colleges are the College of Arts, College of Medical, Veterinary and Life sciences, College of Social Sciences, and College of Science and Engineering. There is no dearth of remarkable people who have studied from the university, and these include Adam Smith, famously known as the father of economics; James Watt, the famed Engineer; and John Macintyre, famous for his work in radiology.

  3. University of St. Andrews
    Up next is another one of those ancient universities in Scotland, University of St. Andrews was founded in the year 1413 and is now among the top-ranked universities in the UK and the world. It comprises several colleges that operate their respective schools. Presently, there are a total of 4 faculties with 18 schools. Its faculties are the Faculty of Arts, Faculty of Divinity, Faculty of Science, and Faculty of Medicine. Students can amass educational and cultural experience by participating in any of its exchange programs which it conducts in partnership with myriad universities such as the University of Toronto, the University of Virginia, and Georgetown University. In addition to this, it also participates in the Erasmus Programme. Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge and 6 Nobel laureates among many others have been its alumni.

  4. University of Aberdeen
    The University of Aberdeen is a Scottish ancient university and was established in the year 1945. Showing consistent performance in the top 200, the university has attained a reputation only few can manage to attain. It operates through 3 colleges, which are the King’s College, Christ’s College, and Marischal College. The academic structure is divided into 12 schools catering to an array of courses. These schools include those of Divinity, History & Philosophy; Business; Biological Sciences; Medicine, Medical Sciences and Nutrition; Engineering; and Language, Literature, Visual Culture, and Music. To supplement academic experience, there are also research institutes under its aegis. As many 5 Nobel laureates, aside from other amazing people, have been alumni of this university.

  5. University of Strathclyde
    Among the largest universities in Scotland, it is one of the most challenging universities to get into. There are 4 faculties in the university, all of which have been further bifurcated into several departments. These faculties are those of Engineering, Humanities & Social Sciences, Science, and Business. It is dedicated to conducting high-value research and has undertaken partnerships in various prestigious projects such as with the Catapult Centre for Offshore Renewable Energy and ESRC Enterprise Research Centre. It operates a research center called the Advanced Forming Research Centre that has made strides in terms of innovation and output.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Education and Career - Find the best universities in Scotland
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