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Canadian High-End Fashion Brands That Are Simply Gorgeous

Canada is home to some of the best fashion choreographers in the world. The national market is bursting with innovative designers who bring forth the best of fashion while keeping an eye on its ecological cost & impact. The locally tailored fabrics have traveled the world, been showstoppers, and started new trends. Apart from being high on quality and finesse, Canadian fashion is also renowned for its practical approach. My point is, essentially, to consider investing in Canadian fashion because it is just that awesome!

In the present article, we bring to you some Canadian, high-end fashion brands that are worth splurging over. You might have heard about some of them, while others might just surprise you as classic Canadian marvels. Read on to discover that Canada has no dearth of stunning fashion brands!

  1. Aritzia
    Started by Brian Hill in 1984 in the city of Vancouver, it was a relatively small women’s boutique. This outlet is testimony to the fact that you don’t need size when you are offering quality this good! Presently, it has over 60 boutiques spread over North America. Boasting of presence in all major cities (New York, Toronto, Chicago, Vancouver, etc.) it is rightfully one of the most loved brands.
    What makes it one of the top picks in our list is its use of high-quality fabrics, intricate design patterns, and handcrafted handbags and accessories. With its eye for detail, it has managed to steal the hearts of women across Canada and even beyond. Apart from manufacturing merchandise under its name, it has 13 in-house brands: Community and Le Fou are some of its most sought-after brands.
  2. Club Monaco
    You might have heard the name of this brand in association with Ralph Lauren. To be fair, it remains an independent brand under the Polo Group. Club Monaco was born in 1985 in Toronto. A brainchild of Joe Mimran and Alfred Sung, the brand catered to the needs of both men and women.
    At a time when everyone was focusing on flair and panache, Club Monaco kept it simple with the help of high-quality fabrics, classic black and white design, and a perfectly tailored fit. In time, the popularity of the brand skyrocketed. Such was the reception of its work that Ralph Lauren decided to buy it in 1999. Although to keep the spirit of the brand alive, he kept it independent from his namesake brand. Today, Club Monaco has its presence in more than 140 countries.
  3. Fluevog Shoes
    John Fluevog, the founder and owner of the company, once famously said, “Good soles leave small prints, no matter what your shoe size.” This is a window into the amount of innovation and invention that the company indulges in. Started in 1970 in Vancouver, the company shot to fame with its trademark Angel Soles, a product that was made from 100% natural latex.
    Being considered as one of the most innovative companies, Fluevog continued to experiment with several vegetable tanned leathers and water tanned glues. The whole idea behind it was to keep the company and its product as eco-friendly as possible—and it has been quite successful in its mission, honestly!
  4. Lululemon
    Now here is a brand that is modeled after a traditional, living by nature lifestyle. The main idea behind the establishment was to provide high-quality apparel for Yoga and other fitness routines. Started in 1998 by Chip Wilson, it was a part-time design studio and a part-time yoga studio. Recognizing the overwhelming success of his brand and the rising demand of the same, Wilson decided to go full time—and I am glad that he did!
    Almost every major fitness guru/instructor can be seen sporting Lululemon, a major promotion in itself. To follow up its large scale success in the Yoga industry, it has now turned its focus towards providing accessories to more intense, pushing-the-limits athletes, namely, track runners and long-distance cyclists.
  5. Mountain Equipment Company (MEC)
    Canadian fashion collection will not be complete unless we involve a brand that deals solely with outdoor activities, mountaineering, and its demands. MEC started as a cooperative society with just 6 members and a very modest operating capital. Today, it has an operating capital of well over USD 70 million and a membership nearing 5 million.
    The idea behind the company was to make mountaineering gear more accessible to climbers. It expanded into manufacturing tools and gears for rock climbing, mountain climbing, skiing, hiking, and running. Present-day, it also produces heavy-duty bags, boots, jackets, and other mountaineering paraphernalia.

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