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Best Places to Visit in Canada, 2020

Quebec City skyline panorama with Chateau Frontenac at dusk viewed from hill

Canada is packed with endless travel opportunities that make it a hotspot for millions of people across the globe. The vast expanse of the country is a cradle for unparalleled natural beauty as it is blessed with mountains, waterfalls, glaciers, and secluded lakes.

The best part about the nation is it encompasses many natural wondersand enchanting vistas within its perimeter. So, if you are about to embark on a trip to this gorgeous country, be sure to check out these places mentioned below.

  1. Jasper National Park
    Canada can be easily termed as nature’s delight in every way. And one such natural delight is Jasper National Park. Situated on the eastern side of the Canadian Rockies, the park promises a horde of exciting adventures to the visitors. Apart from the breathtaking beauty of snow-covered peaks, there are other outdoor activities to be carried upon in the park. Adventurists can enjoy hiking, kayaking, and mountain biking on the trails and for the less energetic ones is the jasper Skytram which promises an unhindered view of the landscape. With glaciers, lakes, waterfalls, islands, and not to forget brimming biodiversity, Jasper National Park is the ultimate adventure in Canada.
  2. Quebec City
    Quebec City is the stopover for all those interested in arts, architecture, and a fair hint of history. While the old Quebec City is designated UNESCO Heritage site with ramparts, the upper town, on the other hand, is built on the cliff and provides expansive views of Saint Lawrence River. March through the cobblestone streets to explore boutiques, convents, and cathedrals or stay in the Ice Hotel, a visit to Quebec City will always be etched in your minds. And if you really want to break off from the crowd, then take a tour of Montmorency Falls, green valleys, and lakes surrounding the city.
  3. Niagara Falls
    If you are looking for an extra dose of adventure, then a visit to the Niagara Falls is a must for you. The magnanimous expanse of the falls is something to witness through the naked eyes. Along with being tourist heaven the falls also encompass fine dining opportunities and wine for the onlookers. While in the location do not miss out on the Hornblower tour which takes you to the feet of the falls. And lastly also make time to visit the Clifton hill for live music.
  4. Whitehorse
    The capital of Canada’s Yukon Territory, Whitehorse credited as the backyard of the country. But that doesn’t make it fall short of the opportunities. All you need to do is stay awake until the early hours of the morning to witness the Aurora Borealis or Northern lights. Apart from this, visitors can also take part in riding a dog sled or try snowballing on Lake Labergeto kill time in this amazing locale. 
  5. Toronto
    Nothing can possibly describe the bounty of attractions hidden within this Ontario city. Toronto is called the potpourri of different cultures as towns like Little India, Koreatown, and Greektown have more than one race of people. You can either enjoy the view of thedestination from the top of CN tower, shop for gourmet goodies in the Saint Lawrence Market, or go for sightseeing in the Toronto Islands, the multicultural city will never disappoint you.
  6. Montreal
    Montreal is the city of amalagamation. Here in the city 17th-century old architectures standtall with the modern skyscrapers and set a perfect example of cultural cross over. While the cobblestone streets of Old Montreal give French Vibes, the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts has in-display a lot of modern masterpieces. When visiting the city in warmer months, do take a ride on the Parc Du Mont-Royal for getting a full panoramic view of the city.
  7. Okanagan Valley
    Okanagan Valley is situated in the British Columbia region of Canada. More than the wineries, the valley is peppered with sparkling lake and rolling hills from all around. The backdrop of hills makes a striking contrast with the blue waters of the lakes thus presenting a bucolic scene to the eyes. There are also other adventurous activities to try out in the locale such as powerboating, kayaking, and zip lining across the Myra Canon which is sure to give a wonderful twist to your trip.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - CEO Briefing - Best Places to Visit in Canada, 2020
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