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These Are The Top Unusual Jobs And Skills Required For Them

Most of the jobs people do to earn a living are orthodox. But some people just do not follow the herd; they make their own paths. These are the people doing unusual jobs you didn’t know existed. And they are raking in the bucks while doing so.

You may want to pursue these full time because you seek a change in career path. Or you wish to generate some side income. Or you are just curious about such extraordinary job roles.

The top unusual jobs are as follows:

  1. Pet Food Taster: You must be aware of food tasters who taste food to make sure it is safe for consumption for humans and to suggest improvements. But did you know of professionals who did the same for pet food?
    We may wince at the thought of having to taste pet food for a living. But these professionals are only cashing in on their ability to taste the food. After all, the US pet food industry expenditure is expected to be a staggering $99 billion in 2020!
    Required skills: the abilities to differentiate between tastes and suggest appropriate changes
    Average Income: $40,000 per year
  2. Bed Tester
    Hotels and mattress companies want their customers to have the most comfortable experience with their mattresses and pillows. The hotels and companies need to be absolutely sure about their product quality as brand reputation takes a hit because of negative customer reviews.
    So, they hire people to test their products in advance. It may sound like a dream job, but bed testers have to scrutinize the mattresses and pillows for any possible discomfort.
    Required skills: attention to detail, the know-how of mattresses and pillows
    Average Income: $50,000 per year
  3. Snake Milker
    Snake venom is of great importance in medicine. It is heavily used to produce antivenom and for laboratory research. And it costs an astronomical $2,000 a gram!
    But before being put to use, somebody has to do the risky job of milking the snake. These reptiles are quite unpredictable. So, make sure you have the necessary equipment and keep some antivenom handy before proceeding. Unless you are a snake whisperer who can do this deadly task without taking precaution.
    Required skills: knowledge of snakes, courage to handle snakes
    Average Income: $50,000 per year
  4. Odor tester
    You can find several products in the market that help you smell good. These companies test their products a lot before releasing them into the market.
    They test their products for durability and also check how it combines with body odor. That’s where odor testers come in.
    Depending on the product, testers have to smell the odors coming from the volunteers’ breath, feet, or armpits. The ability to distinguish between smells is so crucial to this job that these testers are assessed every month.
    Required skills: a good sense of smell
    Average Income: $50,000 per year
  5. Line Stander
    As Benjamin Franklin wrote in his essay, time is money. So why waste time on insignificant activities like waiting in queues? Why not hire a person to stand in queues for you while you invest your time in something more valuable? That is why people hire line standers.
    Time is all you need to become a line stander. Line standers can make a lot of money depending on the time they’re willing to invest waiting queues.
    Required skills: patience, time management
    Average Income: $25 per hour
  6. Online Reviewer
    We all want to know about a product or service before spending money on it. You can get to know a lot about an offering from its online reviews. An online reviewer writes such reviews.
    Brands generally hire online reviewers to write positive reviews about their products or services. This increases trust among potential customers and increases sales. Some brands pay online reviewers to even write negative reviews to make competitive products look worse.
    Required skills: ability to write reviews that seem genuine
    Average Income: $60,000 per year
  7. Netflix tagger
    Yes, some people do get paid for watching Netflix. But there’s more to it – these people do it to review the show and to assign a genre tag to it.
    Netflix recommends you shows or movies depending on the content you have watched. So, the tagger needs to give the correct tags to the shows so that Netflix recommends the right content to the users.
    Required skills: knowledge of the various genres of Netflix, patience (just in case the show is intolerably bad)
    Average Income: $60,000 per year

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