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CEO Spotlight: Daniel Sanderson, The Trend-Setting Architectural Consultant

Daniel Sanderson

A lot of businessmen and entrepreneurs are committed to making their business a success. These people pour their hearts into their dreams in order to achieve their goals. Daniel Sanderson is no exception to this way of living. He has survived as an independent architectural consultant for more than 20 years, citing his ability to adapt and keep focusing on innovation as the primary means to his ends. Primarily driven by the need to create, Daniel paid particular attention to the construction industry and the dramatic changes brought on by the internet.

It was at this point, and prior to the 2000s that the architect held much more weight on what was specified on a project. As budgets tighten and industries streamlined the guys with the money were the ones making the decisions and getting to these decision-makers is more of an art than a prescriptive path to success. There are still aspects of comradery and alliance in the construction industry, opposing this reality would be paramount to a fallacy of thought. Navigating this changing business environment has been challenging and yet Daniel has emerged as one of the top architectural consultants in the country.

From Consultant to Data: Scientist?

Sanderson now has his sights set on transforming BD Consulting (his consulting company) into a data-centric powerhouse. Specializing in the construction industry he quips, “BD stands for Business Development, Big Data, and Bio-Diversity, we are mindful of all three in every decision that we make.” In terms of data-visualizations, empirical decision making and repurposing a client’s data exhaust he often asks, “What role does data play in your company?”.

Boutique Publishing Platform:

As a writer and author, Daniel’s boutique publishing platform; planksip focuses on publishing non-fiction science and philosophical works from thought leaders around the world. His concept was simple and intended to dove-tail nicely with an author’s creative process in preparation for the eventual handoff to one of the Big 5 publishers.

  • Penguin Random House: Annual revenue: $3.3 billion. …
  • Hachette Livre: Annual revenue: $2.7 billion. …
  • HarperCollins: Annual revenue: $1.5 billion. …
  • Macmillan Publishers: Annual revenue: $1.4 billion. …
  • Simon & Schuster: Annual revenue: $830 million.

The content on is partially curated by complex data algorithms that Daniel publishes on GitHub for anyone to repurpose. As an alternative to senseless consumption, planksip was envisioned as an organic platform (i.e. plank) combined with the consumptive feeling of sip-ping a hot cup of coffee; plank-sip. planksip reflects, and always will reflect the collective interests of planksip members.

Art Works:

Did I mention Daniel has a great eye for art and shares some modern pieces to either marvel at or take inspiration from? The art varies from being traditional to digital and has a vast color palette.

Since Sanderson primarily started off as an architectural consultant, his love for sustainability and minimal living hasn’t dimmed yet. For this reason, he has also started posting about tiny homes as manufactured by Befama Homes making it a great website for people who are looking for small homes with luxurious interiors from one of the best suppliers on the Pacific coast. These homes even have the potential to offer average or large house owners space saving and design tips and providing all this guidance to the people is none other than Sanderson himself.

For planksip, it is easy to see where its owner gets his love and dedication from and he wants to be more authentic and engaging in his education to his followers. He wants his ideas to be organic and not shoved onto them by constantly suggesting them the same thing. Instead, planksip, offers the viewers enough options and time to see what they like about something and if this could fit their lifestyle. The more you explore the site, the easier it is to see that even though the design is minimalistic, but there is a lot to explore there.

The CEO of planksip is now increasing his reach in the technological market and is recently busy developing a mnemonic app for smartphones. The app is called Gadfly and most of the details about it are still under strict discretion. However, one thing is for sure, that this app is surely going to be a top competitor in the industry it is aimed at. This is because this budding techno guru has had a lot of experience with working with technology while building planksip.

Sanderson’s Family And His Dedication To Them

Not to diminish Sanderson’s massive stock of professional drive, but he is aspirations revolve around his family. He prioritized his children’s and wife’s well-being over anything else and takes time to be with them and not just be a provider, but a nourisher. This is how he gets his peace of mind and can also take some time to work on himself and think of his next approach in business as well. The support of his family is important to him and he believes that without their full support, he would not have taken so many risks and would have only been an architectural consultant, not to mention a philosopher.

What is Coming Soon from him?

Seeing that Sanderson is not the one to simply stick with one thing, it should come as no surprise, that along with his other projects, the young writer is also working in his new book Will Freeman. Although he has already ventured into writing and is a renowned, published, author, but he feels that this book is going to be the peak of his writing. Sanderson talks about his new book as someone brags about their child taking their first steps or saying their first word. He has poured his heart and soul into the book and believes that the book is not just going to be educational, but will also be a thoroughly enjoyable experience for the readers.

One of the prime motivations for Sanderson to write the book was to do his part towards the betterment of the people and of the world as a whole. He wants to leave behind his experience and his stories to the people who will appreciate it. In Sanderson’s eyes, a book can form a community and can also be the seed to a great idea and help empower the good people in the world. His book creates a meaningful impression when he relates his writing to his own experiences. This helps him draw the reader closer to him and be more relatable.

Closing Thoughts

Despite what Sanderson has achieved, he is humble in his ways and believes that he is still learning and will forever continue to learn. It is not a coincidence that he has achieved this success and is all because he has set his priorities and knows how to set his goals. His hard work has taught him that there is no shortcut to anything and one must always be willing to explore different things and educate themselves to excel in something. His outlook on life and learning is something to take notes on and be more prone to be on the lookout for the next great opportunity, for only then will you truly continue to move forward.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - CEO Spotlight - CEO Spotlight: Daniel Sanderson, The Trend-Setting Architectural Consultant
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