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5 Top Universities in Spain that Are Among The World’s Best

Spain is one of the most magnetic countries in the world. It is a wholly different world where a distinct culture, language, lifestyle, architecture, and food provide a unique definition to Spanish society. As a tourist destination, there is no gainsaying that Spain is among the best places in the world. However, you should also know that it is a fantastic place in terms of education.

If you did not know this already, Spain has more than 40 of its universities among the top ranks internationally. Moreover, what contributes to the popularity of Spanish universities is the relatively cheap prices in the country which make education, accommodation and transportation affordable. Overall, those of who you planning to pursue education abroad should strongly consider universities in Spain. To make things easier, I am here with a handful of suggestions about where to go in case you so decide.

Here are 5 top universities in Spain you should check out.

  1. Pompeu Fabra University
    Named after the namesake expert on the Catalan language, the University has grown into a top institution despite having being founded only in 1990. It has not only given a stellar performance nationally but also internationally. It is best known for its courses in the field of Economics and Econometrics. The reputation of this institution is reflected in its many achievements which have received due recognition from the world such as the award of the prestigious Certificate for Quality in Internationalization. The university carries out its operations through 3 campuses, namely, that of Social Sciences and Humanities, Health and Life Sciences, and ITC and Communication.
  2. The University of Barcelona
    Barcelona is hands down a beauty to behold, and studying there would mean double-fold rejoice. The University of Barcelona offers you the right opportunity to explore the wonders of the city as well as the glorious higher education system of the country. It conducts about 73 undergraduate courses, about 140 postgraduate degree courses, and 48 doctoral programmes. Its lustrous existence has been strengthened by its membership to many prominent groups such as Coimbra Group, Mediterranean Universities Union, Vives Network, International Research Universities Network, and European University Association.

  3. The Autonomous University of Barcelona
    Situated in one of the most industrially important locations in the country and Europe, the Autonomous University of Barcelona is an institution of excellence and international recognition. It is a public university that runs more than 80 undergraduate degree programmes, 315 post-graduate degree programmes, and 68 doctoral programmes. Many courses are offered in English which accentuate the university’s attractiveness to international candidates. In total, there are 13 faculties including medicine, arts, and communication. Natural for an institution as important as this, many notable personalities have graduated from here most of whom have been or are politicians and journalists.
  4. Autonomous University of Madrid
    One of the best young universities in the country, the Autonomous University of Madrid is a highly ranked educational institution whose achievements know no bounds. It is one of the Spanish universities whose researchers are amongst the most cited, and its law faculty has attained an unparalleled reputation in and beyond the country. It caters to a diverse range of academic courses and runs many faculties including science, economics, law, philosophy, medicine, and psychology. Many prominent politicians have been a part of this university such as Beatriz Corredor, a former minister of Housing; Cristobal Montoro, a former minister of Finance; and Dolores Delgado, a former Minister of Justice.

  5. University of Navarra
    The University of Navarra started as a law school in 1952; but with time, it grew bigger and better, and today it has about 14 faculties, 10 institutes, and many centres. With a package of more than 100 degree programs, there will certainly be a course to your liking. In addition to this, it also operates a teaching hospital and a medical research centre. One of the most outstanding points about this place is its indomitable presence in the research field. To facilitate interaction with students, researchers and faculties from all over the world, it has entered into many arrangements with respectable universities and institutions such as the University of Washington and the University of Hong Kong.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Executive Education - 5 Top Universities in Spain that Are Among The World’s Best
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