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Exciting Road Trips From Mexico City

Quite rich in history, art, architecture, scrumptious food options, and varied shopping options, Mexico City is home to over 100 art galleries and concert halls and 160 museums and numerous historic archaeological structures. Tourists can also explore natural wonders, historic sites, and gorgeous temples on its way to this alluring city. The city also offers great options to road travelers. Here, we list a few marvelous road trips that you can take from Mexico City.

  1. Mexico City to Cholula-
    Well renowned for its Great Pyramid, sanctuaries, and churches, Cholula is just an hour and a half away from Mexico City. This drowsy town offers astounding views of mountains Popocatépetl and Iztaccihuatl. Cholula has been Mexico’s one of the most important colonial towns for years. This colorful town homes vibrant architecture, dominant churches, and most importantly, the largest pyramid in the world (volume-wise)- Tlachihualtepetl, which is also known as Pyramid Tepanapa. The tourists can enter the pyramid and explore its grandeur through the tunnels. One shall not miss its Popocatépetl volcano looms bringing out photogenic views. The town offers a perfect blend of the old and new world of cuisines.

  2. Mexico City to Valle de Bravo-
    If you are a roamer as well as a sports lover, this road trip is a must for you to take since Valle de Bravo is a classic sports destination near Mexico City. After being welcomed by the forest-lined road, you can see the blue sky filled with paragliders. For water lovers, the town offers waterskiing, kayaking, and sailing in its astonishing lake, the interested ones can also opt for inland activities, mountain biking, and trekking. For adoring some more beauty of nature, visit the town between November and March when you can encounter stunning Monarch butterflies coming from Canada every year. For such visitors, the town features three butterfly sanctuaries nearby.
  3. Mexico City to Malinalco-
    If you are a history seeker and need a break from the hustle and bustle of the city life, then you shall head towards this beautifully located city Malinalco. Encircled by pleasing green valley, Malinalco possesses a harmonious blend of historic and colonial treasures. Uneven streets, vibrant houses, a number of small religious temples, appetizing local eateries, and murals painted by native artists don’t fail to capture everyone’s attention. Don’t miss to give a visit to the traditional street market that remains open on Wednesdays and brings you back to pre-Hispanic times and offers you handmade goods, food, pottery, and plants. The traditional culinary specialty of Malinalco is trout that became popular among pilgrims who stayed here while visiting the nearby shrine of Chalma.

  4. Mexico City to Santiago de Querétaro-
    If you think cities surrounding Mexico City is all about history seekers and architecture lovers, then you are wrong. There is a city nearby, quite rich in history and art but also contains a flourishing vineyard culture and cultivates excellent wines. Just hire a car from Mexico City and you are two-and-a-half hours away from this historic and peaceful place Santiago de Querétaro, known more commonly as Querétaro. Just like the aforementioned cities, Querétaro also brags splendid architecture, colorful buildings, churches, museums altogether framing the Historic Center as recognized by UNESCO. The city also has Cheese Caves, astonishing views of Peña de Bernal, and a 75-arched aqueduct in its pocket to offer.

  5. Mexico City to Cuernavaca-
    Just an hour’s drive from the center of Mexico City is Morelos state capital- Cuernavaca.
    Apart from witnessing art by Mexico’s talented mural painters, you can also look out for sustainable goods at Mercado Verde, soak yourself in thermal baths in Cuautla, try artisanal ice cream in Tepoztlán, buy crafts at Tepoztlán’s weekend market, play a round of golf with volcano views, jog through parks full of local flora, and also catch a local cultural performance at various locations. Cuernavaca is also known as the City of Eternal Spring due to its temperate climate and plenitude flowering plants, the views of which are pretty delightful to the visitors.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - CEO Briefing - Exciting Road Trips From Mexico City

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