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China’s Billionaires: Richest People In China, 2020

Tencent founder Ma Huateng (aka Pony Ma)

With an estimated net worth of $44.9 billion, Tencent Holdings chairman and CEO Ma Huateng is the wealthiest person in China, that’s according to CEOWORLD magazine’s Rich List Index For 2020. The number two spot for China was occupied by Alibaba founder Jack Ma with a net worth of $44.7 billion.

Hui Ka Yan is the chairman and largest shareholder of Evergrande, one of China’s biggest real-estate developers, is the third richest person in the country; his net worth stands at $35.5 billion. According to the financial publication’s annual listing, 2019 saw the total wealth of the top 10 richest people in China hits a new record high of $266.3 billion.

In other words, the wealth of the top 10 richest people in China accounts for 1.88% of China’s GDP ($14,140.16 billion). Yang Huiyan, vice-chairman of Chinese property developer Country Garden Holdings, and He Xiangjian, founder of home appliance-maker Midea Group, rounded up the top five wealthiest people in China with $$27.4 billion and $26 billion, respectively.

To identify the wealthiest people in China, CEOWORLD magazine reviewed numerous national and international media reports. Additional information about the billionaires came from Forbes global index, Bloomberg Billionaires Index, CEOWORLD magazine’s rich list index, Hurun rich list, and all estimated net worth figures are in U.S. dollars. CEOWORLD magazine’s Rich list was compiled using shareholding and financial information obtained from the media reports and individuals, analysts, stock exchanges, and regulatory agencies. This list encompasses family fortunes, including those shared among extended families of multiple generations. The minimum to make the list was $1 billion. Who Are CHINA’s Top Billionaires?

China’s Billionaires: Richest People In China, 2020

RankNameNet worth (USD)AgeIndustries
1Ma Huateng $44.9 billion 48internet media
2Jack Ma $44.7 billion 55e-commerce
3Hui Ka Yan $35.5 billion 61real estate
4Yang Huiyan $27.4 billion 38real estate
5He Xiangjian $26 billion 77home appliances
6William Lei Ding $21.2 billion 48online games
7Colin Zheng Huang $19.7 billion 39e-commerce
8Zhang Yiming $16.2 billion 36software
9Zhang Zhidong $15.4 billion 48internet media
10Wang Jianlin $15.3 billion 65real estate
11Qin Yinglin $14.5 billion 54pig breeding
12Zhong Huijuan $14.2 billion 59pharmaceuticals
13Wu Yajun $13.9 billion 56real estate
14Li Shufu $13.8 billion 56automobiles
15Wang Wei $13.3 billion 50package delivery
16Pang Kang $13 billion 63soy sauce maker
17Sun Piaoyang $12.9 billion 61pharmaceuticals
18Lei Jun $11.6 billion 50smartphones
19Wang Wenyin $10.8 billion 52mining, copper products
20Robin Li $10.2 billion 51internet search
21Liu Yonghao $10.1 billion 68agribusiness
22Zhang Bangxin $9.9 billion 40education
23Xu Shihui $9.9 billion 62snacks, beverages
24Li Xiting $9.4 billion 69medical devices
25Wang Xing $9.3 billion 40e-commerce
26Xu Hang $9.3 billion 53medical devices
27Ma Jianrong $9.1 billion 56textiles, apparel
28Richard Qiangdong Liu $8.8 billion 45e-commerce
29Zhang Jindong $8.6 billion 56appliance retailer
30Zong Qinghou $8.4 billion 74beverages
31Chen Bang $8.4 billion 54hospitals
32Zhang Fan $8.4 billion 54touch screens
33Fan Hongwei $8.1 billion 53petrochemicals
34Kei Hoi Pang $8 billion 54real estate
35Cai Kui $8 billion 57real estate
36Tse Ping $7.8 billion 68pharmaceuticals
37Jiang Rensheng $7.7 billion 66vaccines
38Dang Yanbao $7.4 billion 46coal
39Zeng Fangqin $7.3 billion 54smartphone components
40Guo Guangchang $7.2 billion 52conglomerate
41Lu Zhongfang $6.9 billion 77automobile service
42Liang Wengen $6.8 billion 63construction equipment
43Cen Junda $6.7 billion 55pharmaceuticals
44Ding Shizhong $6.2 billion 49sports apparel
45Yao Zhenhua $6.1 billion 49conglomerate
46Wang Zhenhua $6.1 billion 57real estate
47Ding Shijia $6.1 billion 56sportswear
48Liu Yongxing $6 billion 71diversified
49Wang Laichun $6 billion 52electronics components
50Wang Laisheng $6 billion 55electronics components
51Chan Laiwa $5.8 billion 79real estate
52Zhou Hongyi $5.3 billion 49security software
53Wang Yusuo $5.2 billion 55natural gas distribution
54Che Jianxing $5 billion 53furniture retailing
55Wang Wenxue $5 billion 52real estate
56Lin Li $4.9 billion 56investments
57Lai Meisong $4.9 billion 49package delivery
58Yao Liangsong $4.9 billion 55furniture
59Chen Dongsheng $4.9 billion 62insurance
60Benjamin Zhengmin Pan $4.9 billion 50electronics
61Frank Wang $4.8 billion 39drones
62Wang Chuanfu $4.6 billion 53batteries, automobiles
63Wei Jianjun $4.5 billion 55automobiles
64Huang Shilin $4.5 billion 53batteries
65Du Weimin $4.5 billion 56vaccines
66Wang Liping $4.4 billion 53hydraulic machinery
67Wang Wenjing $4.4 billion 55business software
68Cheng Xue $4.2 billion 49soy sauce
69Zhang Tao $4.2 billion 47e-commerce
70Zhu Baoguo $4.2 billion 57pharmaceuticals
71Nie Tengyun $4.1 billion 43logistics
72Wang Linpeng $4 billion 51furniture retailing
73Jiang Bin $3.9 billion 53acoustic components
74Jason Jiang $3.9 billion 47advertising
75Zhao Yan $3.9 billion 53real estate, finance
76Shi Yonghong $3.9 billion 51restaurants
77Qi Shi $3.9 billion 50financial information
78Li Haiyan $3.9 billion - restaurants
79Chen Jianhua $3.9 billion 49chemicals
80Chu Mang Yee $3.9 billion 60real estate
81Fang Wei $3.8 billion 46steel
82Dong Wei $3.8 billion 49pharmaceuticals
83Yu Yong $3.7 billion 58mining
84Fu Liquan $3.7 billion 52surveillance equipment
85Feng Hailiang $3.7 billion 59copper, education
86Qiu Guanghe $3.7 billion 68fashion retail
87Huang Rulun $3.5 billion 68real estate
88Michael Minhong Yu $3.5 billion 58education
89Zhang Xin & Pan Shiyi $3.5 billion 54real estate
90Zhang Jin $3.5 billion 48diversified
91Li Zhongchu $3.5 billion 56software
92Zhang Hongwei $3.5 billion 65oil, banking
93Zhou Jianping $3.5 billion 59fashion retail
94Wong Luen Hei $3.4 billion 58building materials
95Gao Dekang $3.4 billion 67apparel
96Lu Zhiqiang $3.4 billion 67real estate
97Xu Jingren $3.3 billion 75pharmaceuticals
98Zhang Wenzhong $3.3 billion 58supermarkets
99Lu Xiangyang $3.3 billion 57automobiles, batteries
100An Kang $3.3 billion 71pharmaceuticals
101Zhang Li $3.2 billion 67real estate
102Micree Zhan $3.2 billion 41Cryptocurrency mining chips
103Yi Zheng $3.2 billion 49software
104Lin Xiucheng $3.1 billion 64electronics
105Shum Chiu Hung $3 billion 50real estate
106Ke Zunhong $3 billion 65pharmaceuticals
107Lin Jianhua $3 billion 57solar panel components
108Jiang Weiping $3 billion 64chemicals
109Li Liufa $3 billion 62steel, diversified
110Su Suyu $2.9 billion 71utilities, real estate
111Su Hua $2.9 billion 38video streaming
112Liu Ming Hui $2.9 billion 57natural gas distribution
113Wu Zhigang $2.9 billion 85bakery chain
114Ji Qi $2.9 billion 53hotels, motels
115Liu Zhongtian $2.8 billion 55aluminum products
116Xue Xiangdong $2.8 billion 60software
117Cai Dongchen $2.8 billion 66pharmaceuticals
118Zhang Daocai $2.6 billion 70valves
119Liu Hanyuan $2.6 billion 56agribusiness
120Li Shuirong $2.6 billion 63petrochemicals
121Hu Baifan $2.5 billion 57pharmaceuticals
122Wang Xicheng $2.5 billion 71tires
123Kong Jian Min $2.5 billion 52real estate
124Ou Zongrong $2.5 billion 56real estate
125Sun Shoukuan $2.5 billion 70metals, coal
126Geng Jianming $2.5 billion 57real estate
127Tong Jinquan $2.5 billion 65real estate
128Luo Liguo $2.5 billion 63chemicals
129Huang Li $2.5 billion 56imaging systems
130Pei Zhenhua $2.5 billion 61batteries
131Li Guoqiang $2.4 billion 56auto dealerships
132Liang Xinjun $2.4 billion 52conglomerate
133Wang Zhendong $2.4 billion 43education
134Li Gaiteng $2.4 billion 47hair dryers
135Tian Ming $2.4 billion 66measuring instruments
136Zhou Bajin $2.4 billion 84auto parts
137Xu Chuanhua $2.4 billion 85chemicals, logistics
138Cao Longxiang $2.4 billion 62pharmaceuticals
139Sze Man Bok $2.4 billion 70hygiene products
140Wang Changtian $2.4 billion 54TV, movie production
141Wang Yanqing $2.4 billion 53electrical equipment
142Hui Lin Chit $2.4 billion 66hygiene products
143Liu Jincheng & family $2.3 billion 55lithium batteries
144Gu Yuhua $2.3 billion 70furniture
145Huang Qiaoling $2.3 billion 61amusement parks
146Wu Shaoxun $2.3 billion 64wine
147Huang Zhenda $2.3 billion 72construction
148Mao Lixiang $2.3 billion 79cooking appliances
149Zuo Hui $2.3 billion 49real estate services
150Chi Yufeng $2.3 billion 49software
151Guo Ziwen $2.3 billion 56real estate
152Xu Xudong $2.2 billion 49auto parts
153Ren Jianhua $2.2 billion 63kitchen appliances
154Song Zuowen $2.2 billion 72aluminum, diversified
155Shen Guojun $2.2 billion 57retail
156Wan Long $2.2 billion 79food
157Pan Weiming $2.2 billion 56real estate
158Melissa Ma $2.2 billion 50internet search
159Dong Fan $2.2 billion 50medical devices
160Chen Xueli $2.2 billion 68pharmaceuticals
161Lee Yin Yee $2.2 billion 68glass
162Fu Guangming $2.2 billion 66poultry
163Zhang Xuexin $2.2 billion 72aluminum
164Cheng Yixiao $2.2 billion - video streaming app
165Hu Kaijun $2.2 billion 58pharmaceuticals
166Liang Feng $2.1 billion 51manufacturing
167Chen Kaixuan $2.1 billion 61household chemicals
168Chen Hua $2.1 billion 54real estate
169Chen Jinxia $2.1 billion 51investments
170Ruan Shuilong $2.1 billion 84chemicals
171Wang Chaobin $2.1 billion 64real estate
172Yan Zhi $2.1 billion 47real estate
173Pan Laican $2.1 billion - soy sauce
174Liang Yunchao $2 billion 51nutrition supplements
175Sun Guangxin $2 billion 57diversified
176Lam Kong $2 billion 55pharmaceuticals
177Zhang Xuansong $2 billion 48supermarkets
178Shen Wenrong $2 billion 73steel production
179Zhong Shanshan $2 billion 65beverage, pharmaceutical
180Chen Fashu $2 billion 59investments
181Li Hongxin $2 billion 66paper & related products
182Li Li $2 billion 54healthcare
183Xue Hua $2 billion 50Agribusiness
184Huang Wei $1.9 billion 60real estate
185Xu Shugen $1.9 billion 54construction, mining machinery
186Li Weiwei $1.9 billion 43online games
187Nan Cunhui $1.9 billion 56power equipment
188Lu Di $1.9 billion - drones
189Lai Jianping $1.9 billion - soy sauce
190You Xiaoping $1.9 billion 61chemicals, spandex
191Chen Huwen $1.9 billion 49stationery
192Chen Liying $1.9 billion 44package delivery
193Wu Guanjiang $1.9 billion 51pharmaceuticals
194Yu Huijiao $1.8 billion 53package delivery
195Li Li $1.8 billion 55pharmaceuticals
196Jiang Yehua $1.8 billion 57real estate
197Miao Shouliang $1.8 billion 65real estate
198Chen Huxiong $1.8 billion 49stationery
199Zhao Weiguo $1.8 billion 53IT products
200Zhang Zhixiang $1.8 billion 53steel
201Tang Yan $1.8 billion 41social media
202Jihan Wu $1.8 billion 34cryptocurrency mining chips
203Wu Guangming $1.8 billion 57medical equipment
204Yang Erzhu $1.8 billion 69real estate
205Lin Fanlian $1.8 billion 58energy, real estate
206Wang Wenbiao $1.8 billion 63natural gas, fertilizers
207Li Guangyu $1.8 billion 56education
208Zhu Xingliang $1.8 billion 60construction
209Zeng Kaitian $1.8 billion 45online games
210Shi Yuzhu $1.8 billion 57online games, investments
211Wu Xushun & family $1.8 billion 71internet, auto parts
212Zhu Gongshan $1.7 billion 62solar panel materials
213Yuan Fugen & family $1.7 billion 69metal processing
214Hu Yangzhong $1.7 billion 54technology
215Bill Liu $1.7 billion 37electronics
216Li Yongxin $1.6 billion 43education
217Ren Zhengfei $1.6 billion 76telecom equipment
218Wu Yulan $1.6 billion 50pharmaceuticals
219Wang Junmin $1.6 billion 51pharmaceuticals
220Yang Shaopeng $1.6 billion 62Shipping
221Lei Jufang $1.6 billion 67pharmaceuticals
222Huang Xiaofen $1.6 billion 58printed circuit boards
223Fu Kwan $1.6 billion 62real estate, diversified
224Lai Jianfa $1.6 billion 50express delivery
225Jia Tianjiang $1.6 billion 57non-ferrous metals
226Li Liangbin $1.6 billion 52lithium
227Mi Enhua $1.6 billion 61retail
228Li Xuhui $1.6 billion 51soy sauce
229Jiang Xuefei $1.6 billion 50printed circuit boards
230Liu Gexin $1.5 billion 68pharmaceuticals
231Wen Pengcheng $1.5 billion 57agribusiness
232Cheung Yan $1.5 billion 62paper manufacturing
233He Zhaoxi $1.5 billion 46software
234Zhang Wanzhen $1.5 billion 70electronic components
235Zhou Jian $1.5 billion 43robotics
236Li Rucheng $1.5 billion 68apparel
237Li Tan $1.5 billion 55pharmaceuticals
238Wang Jianfeng $1.5 billion 50auto parts
239Zhang Xiaojuan $1.5 billion 50logistics
240Li Weiguo $1.5 billion 55construction materials
241Qiu Jianping $1.5 billion 57hand tools
242Shao Qinxiang $1.5 billion 65diversified
243Yang Keng $1.5 billion 59real estate
244Jane Yan & family $1.4 billion 50software
245Jiang Yintai & family $1.4 billion 69auto parts
246Swift Xie $1.4 billion - drones
247Wu Lanlan & family $1.4 billion 46packaging
248David Xueling Li $1.4 billion 47live streaming service
249Zhang Keqiang $1.4 billion 59real estate
250Zhou Chengjian $1.4 billion 54fashion retail
251Yao Kuizhang $1.4 billion 55beverages
252Ke Xiping $1.4 billion 59investments
253Su Rubo $1.4 billion 65real estate
254Liang Jiankun & family $1.4 billion 58cobalt mining
255Zhang Guiping $1.4 billion 68real estate
256Wong Kwong Yu $1.4 billion 50retail
257Ou Xueming $1.4 billion 71real estate
258Ma Xiuhui $1.4 billion 49LED lighting
259Liang Guangwei $1.4 billion 56conglomerate
260Ou Zonghong $1.3 billion 50real estate
261Xiu Laigui $1.3 billion 65pharmaceuticals
262Huang Wen Tsai $1.3 billion 66real estate
263Wang Zhenghua $1.3 billion 75budget airline
264Sun Weijie $1.3 billion 56oilfield equipment
265Li Jiaquan $1.3 billion 56chemicals
266Peng Hao $1.3 billion 52electronics
267Chen Zhuolin $1.3 billion 57real estate
268Ye Cheng $1.3 billion 58conglomerate
269Ni Zugen $1.3 billion 62appliances
270Wong Hong King $1.3 billion 58real estate
271Li Fengluan $1.3 billion - steel, diversified
272Fang Hongbo $1.3 billion 53home appliances
273Wang Qunbin $1.3 billion 50conglomerate
274Wang Yaohai $1.3 billion 53lighting
275Qian Dongqi $1.3 billion 62household appliances
276Huang Hongyun $1.2 billion 53real estate
277Fu Mingkang & family $1.2 billion 56manufacturing
278Eric Ya Shen $1.2 billion 49online apparel retail
279Zhou Zongwen $1.2 billion 62jewelry
280Cheng Xianfeng $1.2 billion 51pharmaceuticals
281Gu Wei $1.2 billion 54consumer electronics
282Qi Jinxing $1.2 billion 57real estate
283Zhang Xuanning $1.2 billion 49retail
284Chen Jiancheng $1.2 billion 61manufacturing
285Lam Lung On $1.2 billion 55real estate
286Hua Yong $1.2 billion 56software
287Liu Xiaodong $1.2 billion 52flavorings
288Wei Shaojun $1.2 billion 57real estate
289Lou Zhongfu $1.2 billion 66real estate
290Chen Jinshi $1.2 billion 57construction, real estate
291Gao Yunfeng $1.2 billion 52industrial lasers
292Dou Zhenggang $1.2 billion 66energy, chemicals
293Cheng Wei $1.2 billion 37ride-hailing service
294Xu Qiming $1.2 billion 56food, art
295Zhang Yubai $1.2 billion 55wine
296Liu Xuejing $1.2 billion 69copper, poultry
297Liang Zhaoxian $1.2 billion 55appliances
298He Xiaopeng $1.2 billion 42electric vehicles
299Yao Jinbo $1.2 billion 44online marketplace
300Du Jiangtao $1.1 billion 50chemicals
301Yu Qibing & family $1.1 billion 54glass
302Chen Zemin & family $1.1 billion 77food
303Hu Chengzhong $1.1 billion 58manufacturing
304Yang Tingdong $1.1 billion 59brewery
305Chen Tianqiao $1.1 billion 46online games
306Xie Zhikun $1.1 billion 59investments
307Zheng Yuewen $1.1 billion 58investments
308Zhu Xingming $1.1 billion 52electrical equipment
309Xie Ketao $1.1 billion 56education
310Yu Guo $1.1 billion 58education
311Du Shuanghua $1.1 billion 55steel
312Sun Qinghuan $1.1 billion 46lighting
313Chanchai Ruayrungruang $1.1 billion 66real estate
314Mark Haoyang Yang $1.1 billion 45e-commerce
315Xu Bo $1.1 billion 42mobile games
316Sun Mengquan $1.1 billion - edible oil
317Yi Rubo $1.1 billion 43real estate
318Xiao Yongming $1.1 billion 55fertilizer
319Wu Yiling $1.1 billion 70pharmaceuticals
320Wang Han $1.1 billion 32airline
321Sun Xishuang $1.1 billion 66real estate
322Cai Hongbin $1.1 billion - pharmaceuticals
323Yu Rong $1.1 billion 48health clinics
324Wang Miaotong $1.1 billion 62auto parts
325Wen Yibo $1.1 billion 54wastewater treatment
326Xia Shudong $1.1 billion 47IT service
327Ni Zhaoxing $1.1 billion 64real estate
328Zhou Yongli $1.1 billion 65conglomerate
329Chen Qixing $1 billion 60electronics components
330Zheng Jianjiang & family $1 billion 59electrical equipment
331Jin Huiming $1 billion 67real estate
332Wang Junjin $1 billion 51airline
333Chen Shiliang $1 billion 56polyester
334Zhang Jingzhang & family $1 billion 84precision machinery
335Li Zongsong & family $1 billion 52pharmaceuticals
336Cui Genliang $1 billion 61electric components
337Zan Shengda $1 billion 56diversified
338Du Sha $1 billion 73hypermarkets

William Lei Ding holds the 6th spot with a whopping net worth of $21.2 billion. Colin Zheng Huang, Zhang Yiming, Zhang Zhidong, Wang Jianlin rounded up the top ten wealthiest people in CHINA with $19.7 billion, $16.2 billion, $15.4 billion, and $15.3 billion, respectively.

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