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Workwear: Trendiest Fashion Brands for Businesswomen in 30s


A complete businesswoman is not just intelligent investments, financial planning and oratory skills- being fashionable is also one of the important aspects. The way a businesswoman looks especially in younger ages like the 30s comes a long way. With more startups coming in the way and more young women becoming girl bosses, the workwear fashion is also evolving experimentally and stylishly. The individual preferences of color, fitting and range of fashion become important in choosing the ideal fashion brand for the 30s businesswoman of the modern age. We bring the trendiest fashion brands for businesswomen who can accentuate their overall look:

  1. Ann Taylor: Looking for the classy image which would enhance the younger look with formal appearance? This brand has a chic range of blouses, pencil skirts, formal trousers with a budget-friendly price. Usually, workwear has the misconception of being dull and boring with more shades of greys and creams. But Ann Taylor goes beyond by providing experimental colors and frolic designs which also look formal to the work purpose. Blazers are decently priced around $200 which is quite affordable as well.

    Ann Taylor

  2. Of Mercer: Specifically designed for workwear which involves much of travel comfort, Of Mercer’s range of clothing is made of comfortable fabric and yet looks amazing. The brand aims to prove that comfortable clothing needn’t be sloppy or too boring. The reversible cardigan is like a lighter version of blazer yet easy to carry around- is one of the highlights of this brand. Their range of elastic pants might look too casual in the first place but good enough to even attend a board meeting!

    Of Mercer

  3. M.M.LaFleur: With minimalist trend creeping into the lifestyle and also choosing clothes, MM.LaFleur offers beautiful clothing which is on the simpler side. The brand’s best selling dress Etsuko Dress brings a wonderful figure-hugging silhouette by including just a small belt. The BentoBox feature is quite appealing and goes easy on the pocket.


  4. ADAY: Looking for business clothing which keeps you comfortable all-day? The turn it up pant from ADAY is one of the most appealing designs they have made. For the lazy businesswoman who prefers to dress up only once for all per day, ADAY is the right brand to take in. The breathable stretch material which they use keeps you comfortable and flexible.


  5. Everlane: Girlbosses from startups are redefining workwear by giving a casual edge to the formal clothing as well. For such thoughtful women, Everlane offers chic casual outfits for formal occasions. Their clothing range aims to be casual and at the same time polished and refined. From laid back denim to smart jackets, the brand also has an attractive range of accessories.


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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - C-Suite Lifestyle - Workwear: Trendiest Fashion Brands for Businesswomen in 30s
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