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Most Charitable Billionaires In The United States – Biggest Billionaire philanthropists

Warren Buffet

Former New York City Mayor and founder of Bloomberg LP Michael Bloomberg is one of four billionaires on this list who gave more than $500 million of their net worths to charity in 2018, according to a new analysis by the CEOWORLD magazine. Warren Buffett topped the list, giving away more than $3.4 billion in 2018

Bill Gates was second, with $2.6 billion, followed by Michael Bloomberg ($767 million) and George Soros ($585 million).

Most Charitable Billionaires In The United States

RankNameNet Worth2018 charitable giving
1Warren Buffett$87.2 billion$34000 million
2Bill Gates$109 billion$2600 billion
3Michael Bloomberg$51.5 billion$767 million
4George Soros$6.70 billion$585 million
5Mark Zuckerberg$74.4 billion$410 million
6Hansjoerg Wyss$7.43 billion$402 million
7Jim Simons$20.7 billion$397 million
8Pierre Omidyar$7.01 billion$392 million
9Gordon Moore$11.2 billion$298 million
10John Arnold$3.3 billion$283 million
11Charles Koch$61.9 billion$245 million
12Steve Ballmer$53.5 billion$237 million
13Rob Walton$54.0 billion$199 million
14Jim Walton$53.8 billion$199 million
15Alice Walton$52.8 billion$199 million
16Dustin Moskovitz$12.9 billion$188 million
17Ken Griffin$9.87 billion$185 million
18Lynn Schusterman$5.62 billion$177 million
19T. Denny Sanford$2.4 billion$174 million
20Eli Broad$7.40 billion$168 million
21Michael Dell$31.7 billion$158 million
22Bernie Marcus$4.63 billion$147 million
23Jeremy Jacobs$4.34 billion$135 million
24Jeff Bezos$112 billion$131 million
25Sean Parker$2.7 billion$120 million
26W. Barron Hilton$2.5 billion$112 million
27DeVos family$5.4 billion$112 million
28Ray Dalio$16.6 billion$111 million
29Julian Robertson J.$4.4 billion$106 million
30Marc Benioff$6.89 billion$103 million
31Steve Cohen$9.22 billion$102 million
32George Kaiser$10.4 billion$86 million
33Philip Anschutz$12.2 billion$85 million
34Len Blavatnik$26.2 billion$80 million
35John Albert Sobrato$8.15 billion$78 million
36Steve Schwarzman$17.7 billion$63 million
37Stewart and Lynda Resnick$9 billion$62 million
38Jeff Skoll$4.95 billion$55 million
39Stephen Ross$9.90 billion$39 million
40David Geffen$9.48 billion$39 million
41Trevor Rees-Jones$5.29 billion$38 million
42Arthur Blank$5.4 billion$29 million
43Jon Stryker$3.8 billion$28 million
44William Ackman$1.7 billion$27 million
45Jonathan D. Gray$3.8 billion$25 million
46Larry Ellison$60.6 billion$25 million
47Larry Page$62.5 billion$25 million
48Sergey Brin$60.7 billion$25 million
49Sheldon Adelson$35.9 billion$25 million
50Phil Knight$33.2 billion$25 million
51Jacqueline Mars$41.1 billion$25 million
52John Mars$41.1 billion$25 million
53Laurene Powell Jobs$24.1 billion$25 million

The biggest billionaire philanthropists: To compile the ranking, the financial publication used data from the Forbes global index, Bloomberg Billionaires Index, CEOWORLD magazine’s rich list index, Hurun rich list and the magazine’s America’s Top 50 Givers lists in 2018. Net worths are based on Forbes’ 2018 list and CEOWORLD magazine’s rich list index of the wealthiest people in the world, and all estimated net worth figures are in U.S. dollars. CEOWORLD magazine’s rankings are based on public donations and do not factor in private donations or contributions from donor-advised funds. Here are the 53 most charitable billionaires in the United States.

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