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4 Georgia Billionaires On The List Of The World’s Richest

With a net worth of roughly $7.82 billion, Jim Kennedy is the wealthiest person in Georgia, followed by Bernie Marcus ($4.63 billion) and Dan Cathy (4.88 billion), according to CEOWORLD magazine. The 2019 rich list index by the CEOWORLD magazine has 501 members from 45 countries and territories.

With 178 Americans on the list, the United States leads the way with the most number of billionaires in the world, followed by China with 45 billionaires. Among the elite club of the top 501 billionaires, 4 of them have Georgia ties.

Bubba Cathy is worth $4.40 billion, which ranks 475th globally and 4th in Georgia.

These are the four richest people in Georgia

  • Jim Kennedy
    Rank: 210
    Total Net Worth: $7.82 billion
  • Bernie Marcus
    Rank: 444
    Total Net Worth: $4.63 billion
  • Dan Cathy
    Rank: 474
    Total Net Worth: $4.40 billion
  • Bubba Cathy
    Rank: 475
    Total Net Worth: $4.40 billion

The top 10 richest Americans in the world are:

  • Jeff Bezos: $112 billion
  • Bill Gates: $109 billion
  • Warren Buffet: $87.2 billion
  • Mark Zuckerberg: $74.4 billion
  • Larry Page: $62.5 billion
  • Charles Koch: $61.9 billion
  • Julia Flesher Koch: $61.9 billion
  • Sergey Brin: $60.7 billion
  • Larry Ellison: $60.6 billion
  • Rob Walton: $54.0 billion

See the full list of the CEOWORLD magazine’s rich list index.

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