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The 6 Iconic Heritage Spots Which You Cannot Miss In The United States

The United States might have had lesser history compared to other continents like Asia or Europe, but the heritage of the U.S. is something quite worth mentioning. With global audience reaching here in hope of a better life and liberated atmosphere, the USA has developed a unique aura of its own. The freshness, amazing landscapes, unique spirit of fighting for freedom has taught much to the rest of the world. Being the most developed country in the world, the USA also has the best heritage spots to visit for the passionate traveler. Here are some of the iconic heritage spots which you cannot miss in the United States:

  1. Times Square (New York City, New York)
    For all those who want to experience the best of international brands, the magic of consumerism, and everything unabashedly American, Times Square is the ideal place to visit. Wide-eyed and enthusiastic tourists all over the world visit this place every day in the midst of eye-popping ads, kaleidoscopic designs make this a location that never sleeps!

    Times Square (New York City, New York)

  2. The French Quarter (New Orleans, Louisiana)
    Located at the home of jazz music, New Orleans- The French Quarter is an amalgamation of cobblestone corridors, storied iron balcony railings, the country’s music is not all about just Jazz. It has a blend of Rock and Roll. Classic Rock and Electronic Dance music are also picking up here. If you are a music lover, this place is a brilliant location to visit.

    The French Quarter (New Orleans, Louisiana)

  3. Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom Park (Orlando, Florida)
    For people of all ages- whether a kid or an adult, the sense of childlike wonder always gives a new zeal to lead life. Walt Disney is one of those celebrated individuals who created some amazing cartoon characters which speak of greater truths of life. Right from Mickey Mouse to Cinderella, Magic Kingdom is a dreamland for sure.

  4. Fenway Park (Boston, Massachusetts)
    The oldest baseball league national park since 1912 is the best place for sports lovers. Baseball is America’s national sport and legends like Babe Ruth, Ted Williams stepped out to bat here. It is like a part of American’s rich sporting heritage retained in old-fashioned glory!

    Fenway Park (Boston, Massachusetts)

  5. Mount Rushmore (South Dakota)
    This is the boldest embodiment of America’s ideals. The pioneering American spirit by chiseling the faces of democracy is quite a daunting task. The iconic U.S Presidents Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, and Theodore Roosevelt’s faces are carved here in the memory of the undisputable service they made to the place.

    Mount Rushmore (South Dakota)

  6. Pike Place Market (Seattle, Washington)
    If you are a foodie, Pike Place Market is like a dream come reality. Affable fishmongers sell their catch along with delicious bakeries, restaurants and coffee shops are available to visit. Do not miss the flower market which has generous arrangements and handmade crafts for the artistic traveler!

    Pike Place Market (Seattle, Washington)

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