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Inspiring Modern Management Leaders for the Young Entrepreneur

Richard Branson

The world is progressing in a rapid pace with technological advancements,  new innovations and a lot of young people coming forward with their business ideas.  The previous hesitation to come into the business with high investments and those old challenges have gone back greatly because of young aspiring folks dreaming of bringing greatest solutions for the new-age customers. No management leader can be made without a strong inspiration and guidance from legendary people who are already successful. We bring you the list of inspiring modern management leaders for the young entrepreneur to bring about a radical change in thought:

  1. Bill Gates
    This revolutionary founder of the greatest software company ever Microsoft,  he brought computers to the common man at an affordable price. The Windows Operating System was his brainchild and despite tough contenders like Apple, Microsoft was the most successful tech company in his leadership. Surprisingly, he considers the negative review of customers to be his greatest asset as the company can learn much from them.  He always said, “Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning”.
  2. Steve Jobs
    The majestic CEO not only changed the face of music industry with iPod, he also brought a change in the way a CEO dresses up. Gone are the days when CEOs used to dress in formals, but sporting a black turtle-neck shirt with blue jeans has become the norm. Steve Jobs told about the importance of being original and bringing out an idea of creativity and arts in technological devices.
  3. Mark Zuckerberg
    Founder of the greatest social media website ever-Facebook, Mark believes in moving fast in business. He also feels that if you are not breaking things on the way, you are not moving fast enough! Facebook has become the primary way of communication for friends and the way people had hangouts online. The new features in Facebook keeps on changing which makes the users guessing for the best to come next.

  4. Jeff Bezos
    Though he is predominantly as the Amazon’s CEO, he has many businesses under his belt. He has also superseded Bill Gates as the richest man in the world. He has proven time and again that focusing on customers is the best approach in business. Many young entrepreneurs are following this advice and achieving success in the shorter notice.
  5. Richard Branson
    Founder of the Virgin group, this influential CEO is the owner of 400 companies.  Having a most diverse portfolio in his generation which ranges from airlines to record stores.  He is known for the optimism and asks the businessmen to look out for opportunities always, even when one is lost, another is ready out somewhere
  6. Tony Robbins
    The successful positive attitude author, Tony Robbins is also a great entrepreneur. Being an expert in leadership psychology, and art of negotiations, he applies the same rules in the businesses as well. According to him, “Business success is 80% psychology, and 20% mechanics”.  This rule actually helps a great deal in task management for a businessman.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - CEO Agenda - Inspiring Modern Management Leaders for the Young Entrepreneur
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