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How To Color Coordinate With Your Spouse For Perfect Travel Photos?

One way to make your pictures with your partner look great is by color coordinating your outfits with each other. Although this may sound strange, the clothes that don’t clash with each other can make you look like a couple that belongs together.

Here is a small guide on how you can color-coordinate as a couple to look picture perfect in every photo.

  1. Earthy Tones
    When dressing as a couple choose a consistent palette for aesthetically matching with one another. During winter choose earthy tones that offer an array of hues which can go together pretty well.

    Furthermore, while opting for similar fabric, choose trending materials like corduroy for a unified look. Avoid twining and try to maintain your style.

    If one of you is wearing a white cotton t-shirt, then another partner may go for white cotton pants. Dressing in such a way will ensure that you are not looking tiny twins being dressed it the same outfit.

  2. Go Monochrome
    Stick to the palette of black and white for a chic and balanced look. Any neutral colors with complementary contrast are trendy and fashionable.

    The choice of minimalistic palette ensures that your attire stands out together, and one does not dominate the other. For a more stylish and trendier look, you can add patterns like checks, polka dots or stripes.

  3. Add a Pop of Color
    For impressive and stylish look opt for one popping color which can be shared between you. Then select clothing of the same shade with different hues to avoid the access of one shade.

    One of you can wear a vibrant hue of same shade while other opts for a more subtle and soft tone. You can also go for pop colors that are coordinated but are of different shades like orange and yellow.

  4. Try Contrast Colors
    Colors that are opposite to each other on the color wheel are contrast colors. Hence, if one of you is wearing a red t-shirt with a white jacket, then another partner can wear a blue t-shirt, white denim. Teaming contrasting colors with common neutral shade will give a cohesive appearance to your look.

  5. Play with Neutrals
    Select a combination of neutral colors such as brown and olive for one and brown and white for another partner. You can opt for different hues of browns in your outfits to avoid the access of one single shade.

    Other neutral colors that can go together are white, and navy, navy and grey, beige and navy, beige and olive are some combinations of neutral colors that you can try for color coordinating your assemble. Choose accessories that match with your neutral color theme.

  6. Neutral Outfit with Bright Colored Outfit
    If one of you is wearing a black and white monochrome outfit, then another partner can opt for bright colors. These colors can be fiery red, bright orange, navy blue or bottle green.

    Such attires are preferred by many for formal events such as weddings. This color combinations look great together as neutral shades go well with most of the colors present on the color wheel.

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