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Top Shoe Brands for Businesswomen Below 30

Along with picture-perfect outfit, stylish accessories and amazing hairdo, a successful businesswoman is definitely in need of appealing shoes. As it is said, shoes carry the first and foremost impression about a person and hence it becomes an essential aspect to take care of. Selecting the right shoe should be a balance between comfort, style and maintenance. Depending on the personality and preferences, a businesswoman needs to select the shoes of her choice. Fortunately, there are some amazing brands in the global market which are low on cost and also easy to maintain. 20s is the time to experiment on shoes and also discover your style and interests, so here you go!

From sustainable options, to emerging designers, and cool, stylish, and innovative, scroll on for the shoe footwear brands for business women below 30 out there!

  1. Rothys: For the colorful side of businesswomen and proving against the fact that shoes can be fun to wear, choose Rothys. Their cute and chic shoe range is also socially responsible as they are made from recycled water bottles originally intended for landfills. To make an ethical statement which is also incredibly stylish- Rothys is your way to go! Rothys makes their cute, colorful flats from recycled water bottles originally intended for landfills.

  2. Steve Madden: This celebrated brand has already gained much popularity and attention in a global arena.  Their quality design at an affordable price is aimed to keep the wearer comfortable all the time along with giving a graceful outlook.

  3. Leith: For flawless style at an incredibly lower price, Leith gives the perfect range of shoes. Their designs also have a feminine edge with usage of stones and pearls to give a petite look. From a range of attractive flats to graceful heels, the brand has it all.

  4. Tory Burch:  This designer brand is known for great range of purses and clothing but also for amazing footwear lineup. Their cute sandals and elegant shoes are quite stylish and sweet to look as well as to wear.

  5. Dolce Vita: For the Parisian grace in your footwear choices, choose Dolce Vita. Their colors are chic instead of the regular boring stuff like black and blue. Ranging from swift coral shades to funky blue, Dolce Vita is a great choice for the funky side of you. After all, 20s is the time to experiment on fun colors for footwear!

  6. M.Gemi: Some women prefer to stay comfortable all day long in their footwear and for such preferences, loafers are a great choice. M.Gemi’s loafers are hand-crafted in Italy and has a phenomenal cult following. These loafers are aimed to keep the wearer extremely comfortable and the design suits for all formal and casual occasions. This luxury loafer brand’s pieces are hand-crafted in Italy and have a seriously cult following.

  7. UGG: For the uber cool and casual business woman who wouldn’t hesitate to sport a sneaker for business occasions, UGG is the greatest option. They don’t manufacture the shearling boots anymore but the comfy sneakers tailor-made for your daily work use.
  8. Hunter Boots: Planning to get a bit more bold and commanding in the foot wear choices? Hunter Boots’ knee high willies are a smart choice for the young businesswoman. The brand also offers short storm-proof Chelsea boots as well!

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Lifestyle and Travel - Top Shoe Brands for Businesswomen Below 30
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