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Top 5 Ways To Save Money On Clothes

Shopping is always an exciting activity and shopping for clothes could be therapeutic for some people. However, shopping for clothes can be expensive, and due to our carelessness, sometimes we could end up spending too much on clothes and also end up buying clothes that we don’t really need. Since clothes hold no value once used, it is important to resist buying clothes when you already have enough of them.

The following are the top 5 ways to save money on clothes. 

  1. Repurpose old clothes
    Changing or modifying old clothes into a new outfit will help save a lot of money that could have gone into shopping for new clothes. There are a lot of ways to repurpose old clothes – an old pair of jeans can be cut to make a pair of shorts, or an old dress can be cut to make a skirt. All it takes is a few techniques with a needle and a thread and voila! We have a new outfit ready. Along with repurposing old clothes, getting creative with your clothes and making new combinations of clothes also gives a feel of a new outfit. Repurposing old clothes will not just change the look of your wardrobe but also help cut costs.
  2. Make a list and a budget
    Just like grocery shopping, shopping for clothes should also be done after making a list of all the things that are needed. If someone goes shopping without planning, it is more likely that they spend more and buy things that they don’t need. While shopping, sticking to the list is of the utmost importance. This technique doesn’t work without deciding a budget first. Make a list only after you’ve decided a budget for the shopping trip and then adjust your shopping list accordingly. Try to include clothing items that are of a versatile color and can be used in multiple settings. Collecting discount coupons and shopping at discount stores also help in staying within your budget.
  3. Buy in bulk
    Buying anything in bulk always reduces the overall price of it. Clothing items like undergarments, socks, tank tops, etc. can be bought in bulk. This will not only save the overall money but also save you from going to the store over and over again. Another way to buy in bulk is that a group of friends could go shopping for their clothes together and buy everything collectively and then later divide the total cost among themselves which will result in each person paying lesser than they would have otherwise paid for the same item of clothing.
  4. Shop off-season
    Most stores sell off-season clothing at a cheaper price. Buying for the future can cut costs even if it requires a little planning. Winter clothes will be cheaper in Summer and Summer clothes will be cheaper in Winter. Apart from this, try to shop at the clearance sale just at the end of the season. Clothes sold at the clearance sale are heavily discounted and of decent quality. Planning is essential for this kind of shopping and it does help saving a lot of money on clothes.
  5. Pay attention to the ‘cleaning and care’ tag
    Most people make the mistake of not checking the cleaning and care instructions before buying clothes. Read those instructions properly and avoid buying the clothes that will require dry cleaning. Such clothes will not only cost more but also require a lot of care. Each trip to the dry-cleaner will be expensive and just keep on adding to the total cost of the item. Buy clothes that require less maintenance. This will help reduce any extra costs that could have been incurred on them.

Apart from the aforementioned top 5 ways to save money on clothes, make sure to buy good quality and fewer clothes, and take care of them after you buy them. If taken care of properly, clothes can last for 15 years or more. Don’t shy away from wearing your clothes multiple times a week. This way you will spend lesser on clothes and your total savings will increase by a large margin.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Lifestyle and Travel - Top 5 Ways To Save Money On Clothes

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