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10 Things To Do On A Regular Basis To Remain Stress-Free

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Almost every third person suffers from this disease called ‘stress’ these days. So why not to inculcate such habits that keep you at bay from stress. Here are 10 things to do on a regular basis to remain stress-free:-

  1. Exercise
    Exercise is the panacea to most of the problems, including stress. Hormones like norepinephrine are released while exercising, that leads to the proper functioning of the brain, and uplifts mood as well. In layman’s language, you can say that exercising enhances your heartbeat, improves blood circulation and hence, reduces stress. A half an hour walk or jog is capable enough to elevate your mood throughout the day.
  2. Self-pampering
    You shall visit your favorite salon at least once a month. Don’t lay yourself back in manicure, pedicure, body massage, head massage, and facials. These will definitely help you releasing stress big time. Self-care is important but under stress, it turns out to be most important. Sleep adequately and eat healthy for the ‘better you’.
  3. Nature
    Remaining inside the walls throughout the day may make you feel agitated and stressed. Go outdoors, feel some fresh air, walk on green grass by naked feet, and adore the beauty of nature. If done regularly, you yourself feel positive changes in your body and mood. You will turn out to be a happy soul and hence, more satisfied with life.
  4. Meditation and Deep Breathing do the needful
    Depression and anxiety are big challenges in today’s life. Meditation has always been an antidote for anxiety and stress. Meditation trains the brain to stay in the moment and calms it down. Start doing it daily from 5-10 minutes, then increase the duration gradually. If you can’t do it on your own, join meditation classes.
  5. Pursue some hobby
    Everyone is interested in some or the other activity. Hobbies keep you indulged within yourself and sort of disconnect you with the rest of the world. Hobbies relax your brain and you tend to forget all the disturbing elements and hence, restrain you from going under stress. This also lets you explore your talent and strength.
  6. Meet-ups and get-togethers help a lot
    Don’t hesitate to ‘disturb’ your loved ones. Socializing helps in keeping you abstain from depression. Spend some quality time with your friends and family. Ask them over a cup of coffee or tea. If it is not possible to meet physically, use the group video calling feature of social networking apps and go back down the memory lane.
  7. Don’t forget to take your free pill: laughter
    Laugh for no reason because laughter is actually the best medicine to keep you healthy. You can watch comedy shows and movies, funny videos on YouTube or hang out with your friend who is the ‘laughter champion’. Since ages, it has been a known fact that laughter lowers down tension and improves the blood flow.
  8.  Start thinking practically
    Instead of getting emotional every time and thinking too much extraneously, start thinking practically. In difficult circumstances, just take a deep breath and question yourself if there is anything under your control. If you get an affirmative reply then give your best to turn the situation to your side and if it is in negation then accept the scenario instead of blaming anyone or anything.
  9. Promise yourself to eat more green vegetables
    It has been proven in a study that those who eat more fruits and vegetables tend to feel happier and calmer. The reason is quite simple. Fruits and green vegetables possess vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that are essential to lower down the stress level.
  10. Try to take sound sleep
    Sound sleep reduces your stress level to a huge extent. The simple fact is that inadequate sleep lets you feel agitated, stressed, and anxious. Now the question is how to ensure sound sleep. Apply some hacks like, not to consume caffeine and alcohol late in the evening, avoiding irregular daytime naps, sleeping and waking at consistent times, etc.

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Dr. Amarendra Bhushan Dhiraj
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