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10 Interesting Jobs For People Who Love To Travel: Making Money Traveling Abroad

Solo Traveler, Wroclaw, Poland

Most of us like adventure and traveling, right? We can even go for some adventure sports and trips but not frequently due to some constraints like lack of fund, non-sanctioning of leaves, etc. but what if you get paid for trips? Sounds exciting, doesn’t it?

Yes, there are several jobs that require you to travel across the globe, a few of which are enumerated below.

  1. Scuba Diving instructor: For an adventurist, scuba diving is must-to-have in their bucket list. So if you turn out to be a scuba diving instructor, you can explore the whole new world of marine animals along with teaching the students the basics of diving simultaneously. But it’s not that cheap in respect of both time and money. You need to be dedicated to its training that takes several months. To be a scuba instructor, you need to be certified by PADI as an open water diver (for no less than 6 months), advanced open water diver, dive master, rescue diver, and complete Instructor Development Course. This job doesn’t earn you much money but fills your life with a thrill for sure. Enter into it only if you love diving and traveling, and it accommodates your lifestyle.

    Scuba Diving

  2. Ski Instructor: If snow and mountains magnetize you and you are passionate about traveling, then this is the job for you. You can go outdoors as well as indoors for teaching. For being trained as a ski instructor, you can indulge yourself for courses in Canada, France, New Zealand, Argentina, Europe, and North America. You shall get certified in the country where you want to teach. You can, in fact, opt for more than one country which has winter at different points of time. This way your job will let you follow your passion for traveling.
  3. Travel writer: If writing is your passion and you can play well with words and possess good observation and imagination skills with strong vocabulary, and of course, love traveling, then you can pursue your career as a travel writer. You can write for your own site and for other companies as well, which let you travel at their own cost. As a travel blogger, you will travel and work with the tourism industry and promote various locations as travel destinations. You can opt for full-time writing or for freelancing, as per your convenience.
  4. International Tour Guide: If you are capable enough to manage a group of individuals and possess the local knowledge, then you can pursue your career as a tour guide. Many companies, these days, hire tour guides, so you can join them or start under your own name, either as full-time or a part-time. You can earn well during the peak season and explore the world during the lower ones. This lets you free from the nomadic life.
  5. Cruise Ship Jobs: These jobs are considered as one of the best and well-reputed jobs that let you travel while paying you a handsome salary and perquisites. Exploring the world on the water is one of its own kind of experience, and such jobs let you do the same. Thrill accompanies the serenity. You see the world and interact with people of diverse culture. These provide ‘n’ number of jobs from deck crew to directors, from managers to instructors, from photographers to lifeguards. So explore your capability and decide where you fit in.
  6. Flight Attendant: It’s a very interesting way of earning your livelihood while traveling for free. This job provides you with numerous benefits, such as free food and housing, flexible work time and alluring pay. You also get to meet interesting people, famous celebrities, VIPs and many more.
  7. Travel agent or advisor.
  8. Event coordinator.
  9. International aid worker.
  10. Freelance (anything): photography and videography…

    Solo Traveler, Wroclaw, Poland

So, which job you are mesmerized by?

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - C-Suite Travel - 10 Interesting Jobs For People Who Love To Travel: Making Money Traveling Abroad
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