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How to Successfully Use Instagram in Your Marketing Strategies


Have you ever wondered why images capture so much people’s attention? Instagram is a very useful social network for marketing to grow your company. Even if you are yet to consider incorporating it as a digital communication strategy with your clients or potential clients, it is never too late.

This social network, used effectively, will help your brand gain visibility and increase sales. Allow your images to speak with Instagram (your potential consumers) on Instagram, let the comments consolidate the loyalty to your products, and guide purchasing decisions. The following tips can help you take the first steps to design the Instagram marketing of your company or venture.

#1: Your Biography is Important

Pay special attention to your biography briefly and clearly define your brand. Do not forget to include a link that directs traffic to the website of your company or, well, that promotes your success story.

#2: Hashtagging

One way to attract new followers is with the good use of the Hashtag. Creatively using those popular hashtags can draw the attention of people who still do not know your business. Of course, every time you use a hashtag make sure it is beneficial for your company.

Instagram allows you to use up to 30 hashtags or tags, which opens a wide range of possibilities to place your content in front of those who use the app’s search option. However, be careful with the use of hashtags too, because if you use more than 30, your comment will not be visible.

Hashtags are not chosen randomly. There are two basic criteria to take into consideration:

  • Make the hashtags you choose popular among your target audience.
  • That they have a close relationship both with the image that is being labeled and with the general theme of your brand.

#3: Publish Photos Relevant to Your Company

Publish photos around the world where your products or services are displayed, so that more people see their lifestyle reflected and tend to identify with your company. The lifestyles you show should define the culture of your brand and express the feelings you want associated with it.

#4: Don’t Forget the Psychology of Colors

I always tell people looking to use Instagram to grow their business or company that they need to learn about the Psychology of Colors to generate more positive comments and “I like.” Learn which compositions of colors and patterns generate greater empathy with customers and use them in your favor.

#5: Like Other People’s Photos

Giving likes to the photos of other users is a very effective way to get the attention of these.

Although it is not mandatory, a high percentage of users tend to correspond the gesture with another like, and maybe even a follow.

This is how you should do it:

  • In the search field, enter the most popular hashtags related to the theme of your account (the ones you searched for in the previous subchapter).
  • Change the results to list mode.
  • Like the posts that appear
  • Refresh and repeat.

The more you like, the more traffic you will attract to your account.

#6: Comments

The 97% of interactions in Instagram are likes and comments is just 3%. Because of this, receiving a like does not feel as special as having a post commented upon; partly because the latter requires more time and attention. So, the chances of receiving an interaction in response after commenting on a publication are much greater than when giving a like.

It may take time, but it is worth commenting on publications (as long as they are users who show an affinity for the subject of your account).

#7: Follow

Following the people you will like to see follow you not only attracts visits to your profile but also makes many of those who see your profile follow you back.


Now, the effectiveness of this strategy is directly linked to the type of people you follow and the design of your account (more about the design soon). But when you are doing this, ensure you follow after the correct audience; that shows a clear interest in the theme of your brand. On this note, you can as well use Instagram Bot if you are the type that don’t have enough time to work on Instagram. Using such tools will help you save time and also allow you stay focused. You can try out a couple of them to see how helpful they can be.

The brands that use Instagram effectively in their campaigns achieve success because their images are convincing when they adapt their products or services to the life and culture of the people. Instagram makes your investment yield a lot since it has a huge number of users (Also, the general public can also access the publications).

You can transform this social network into your perfect ally to connect with your customers. The marketing that is done from Instagram is powerful. Consumers do not perceive that they are being marketed; In fact, you have probably experienced that.

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