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Celebrate Gay Pride By Visiting These LGBTQ-Friendly Destinations!

Love has no bounds, and hence the acceptance of gay culture has grown prominently over the years. There are numerous cities and countries in the world that have welcomed and embraced this culture of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer relationships.

Afterall, we are all human and have the right to be with who we feel, despite the limitations of gender and enforced societal norms. If you are travelling to a new destination and are apprehensive of their laws for gay couples, look no more.

You can be yourself by all means and be proud of it too. It is nothing to be ashamed and no matter where you travel, there should be no one to stop you from having an amazing time with your partner, irrespective of your gender, relationship, size, shape etc.

A number of restaurants, spas, bars and stores are catering to the requirements of LGBTQ individuals, sparing the obvious discrimination and are opening their doors to them with joy. Plan an exotic vacation with your partner to one of the following destinations that are known for celebrating gay pride:

  1. London, The United Kingdom:
    London hosts Europe’s largest gay community. The city had its first pride march on the 1st of July, 1972. Pride culture is welcomed with open arms here, as the city also hosts its popular Gay and Lesbian Film Festival. Enjoy club hopping at the innumerous gay-friendly bars here. Be sure to visit Old Compton Street and shop from the stores located here, and also surrounding SoHo.

    London, United Kingdom
  2. Madrid and Barcelona, Spain:

    A country has its good and bad cities. Thankfully for Spain, Madrid and Barcelona are the most gay-friendly places existent. The cities are popular for maximum engagement of LGBTQ activists. The cities are rife with something or the other going on. They have larger than life celebrations thanks to the 2014 anti homophobic law passed in Catalonia, the capital of Barcelona. Anyone offending individuals from the LGBTQ community can be fined large sums.

    The law was passed to safeguard the interests of individuals in the community, and certain film festivals are conducted throughout the year, not just to raise awareness but also to inculcate the culture of same-sex love and pride in all the citizens. If you are planning a trip during the months of August and September, be sure to mark your dates to partake in the Circuit festival, the largest gay pride festival in Europe.

  3. Berlin, Germany:
    Berlin is associated with being the most advanced city in the world by recognising the rights of gay individuals and celebrating their rights, straight from the golden 20s. The city celebrated its first LGBTQ parade on the 30th of June, 1979, also known as the first Christopher Street Day (CSD). Every nook and corner of the city is a destination for partying. It is a haven for individuals who love to celebrate life, as the city’s saunas, bars, hotels and cafes hosts festivals, carnivals and parades every week. It is a LGBTQ paradise. The cultural scene is diverse and the crowds celebrate all rights with no scope of discrimination. You should be a part of their Lesbian and Gay City Festival held every June if you are planning a trip with your partner, friends or family in 2019.

  4. Copenhagen, Denmark:
    Have you heard of the world’s oldest gay bar? Copenhagen is home to ‘Central Hjornet’, recognised as the infamous bar that has remained gay-friendly since the 1950s. Denmark made noise in the year 1998 by being the first nation in the world to permit same-sex partnerships and adding to that, Copenhagen does justice to the LGBTQ community by its edgy style and the culture prevalent in the city.

    It houses an array of gay-friendly restros, bars and boutiques and is also popular for the different kinds of festivals conducted to celebrate the community’s rights and privileges. On your trip to this culturally-empowered city, be sure to check out the square next to the City Hall Tower which was acknowledged as the ‘Rainbow Square’ in 2014.

  5. Tel Aviv, Israel:
    If you wish to travel to the safest and most gay-friendly city in the world, take a trip to Tel Aviv in the heart of Israel. Devoid of the tensions prevalent in the rest of the country, Tel Aviv stands as the dome of sanity in the entire Middle Eastern region of the world. The weather is amazing in the city and you can also avail 24/7 services at gay bars, restaurants and hotels. Following the month of June, you can witness their Gay Pride Walk, a host of lesbian and gay movie screenings and also add a dash of colour to your life by partaking in their biggest initiative of the year, the Pride Parade.

    Tel Aviv, Israel

Besides these cities, you can also plan a vacation to the below-mentioned destinations that honor gay rights and celebrate it with nothing but pomp and pleasure:

  1. New York, United States
  2. San Francisco, United States
  3. Amsterdam, Netherlands
  4. Toronto, Canada
  5. Palm Springs, United States
  6. Sitges, Spain
  7. Miami, United States
  8. São Paulo, Brazil
  9. Brighton, United Kingdom
  10. Guadalajara, Mexico.

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