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How To Effectively Manage External Communication & Press

With media and communication with the outside world becoming a faster and more immediate concept these days due to the instant nature of online press, social media and even bloggers and vloggers, staying on top of your press and corporate image is more important than ever before.

This article will look at what a modern CEO needs to be aware of, how to react to it and even more importantly how to be proactive and on top of things before they happen.

Have An Up To Date Website And Social Media Pages

As much as keeping the world up to date with big announcements it’s important not to forget about continually making sure your customer base is up to speed with what you do. Even if there is nothing imminently new on the horizon, make sure they are bombarded with your current products, offers and deals as only with repetition of your message will your product or brand stick in the memory, it’s a trick as old as time and a really simple one that just works.

Ensure There Is A System For Press & Other Enquiries To The Company

Obviously in an ideal world you would be sending out promotion, customers would love it and buy the product or service with no problems or issues. We, unfortunately, don’t live in an ideal world so you will have your fair share of questions, enquiries and complaints, which is not a problem so long as you have an efficient system for dealing with customers including listening and dealing with their concerns, if you ensure everything is followed up and dealt with you will be rewarded with a  much more positive reputation, which is difficult to measure but is absolutely priceless. In essence keep your customer happy, it’s been reported customers are willing to pay 86% more for a better service.

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Press Releases: What To Put In Them And When To Time Them

It’s important you and your staff know how to write a press release as no matter how important your announcement is if it’s not delivered well then it’ll have no impact. If you have some unique content or research then this is very attractive to press and media outlets, if it’s only aJust vailable from you then that’s where they’ll have to get it. Timing is also key as if you can tie it to some breaking news or current trend or event then you’ll automatically have a release that’s instantly attractive to time-hungry news staff. Alternatively if it’s bad news then take the opposite strategy and release it when other topics are dominating the headlines. Finally try and find an interesting or emotional angle as the piece has to be interesting and emotional pieces have much greater appeal.

Ensure You Have Competent People Dealing With It

Make sure whoever you have dealing with your PR is suitably qualified or at the very least has had a great deal of training to prepare them for the role. It’s an easy and attractive option to just add it in to an admin department but you really are not using your people for their expertise or roles they are good at. If you don’t have the budget or resources to have a full time PR department or person, why not outsource it? This will save you costs if a smaller firm and also reduces t as a fixed cost as you can use outsourced PR people as and when needed.

Overall be sure not to neglect PR and customer service as it’s key to running a long-term successful business, make sure the time and resources are allocated and keep on top of what you are trying to achieve and it’ll pay dividends long term.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - C-Suite Agenda - How To Effectively Manage External Communication & Press
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