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Cybersecurity In 2019: Ways To Keep Your Business Safe

Currently, the development of many companies is inextricably dependent on their IT infrastructure because, without that, it is simply impossible to maintain business processes at the required high level.

However, not all of them pay the necessary attention to cybersecurity, and as a result, only recently in the United States alone, a huge number of companies have been hacked. And this happens not only with private firms but also with large state-owned companies and organizations.

Given the fact that one of the most important and valuable assets of any business is information, it is necessary to exclude any possibility of its unlawful use. To achieve this, it will be necessary for the IT staff to pay attention to details associated with the use of specialized antivirus soft.

There are numerous solutions in the market, both free and paid. Still, our advice is to consider getting one of the top antivirus suits for complex protection. Take a look at, say, avast premier review or any other review of a premium antivirus solution for business to see how a good antivirus can enhance your cyber security.

How to provide a high level of cybersecurity for business

In order, not to waste your time on unnecessary searches for information on this issue and its analysis, we have presented here the best advice that will let you protect your business from possible cybersecurity threats:

  1. Keep your software up to date
    Regular and timely updating of your computer software is the key to optimal operation of your device. A computer with outdated software is an easy target for cybercriminals who constantly seek for vulnerabilities. Therefore, make sure you use the latest version of the software, and if not spend a few minutes installing the updates.
  2. Use a firewall.
    A firewall is set in a way to recognize and further block common malware trying to get into your network. Such traffic control is efficient for preventing data breach. If, for example, one computer is infected with a dangerous virus, then such a firewall will prevent it from spreading by blocking outgoing data traffic from this machine. In other words, your network will be saved.
  3. Install antimalware software.
    This measure is the most obvious, and also one of the most important. Nothing can turn a well-functioning system into a non-working junk faster than viruses and worms. Business can be protected from viruses by antivirus application. Modern antivirus solutions often have come as complex security suits, and in addition to basic antimalware protection you may get a safe space for data storage, a password manager, a data shredder, and many other useful tools.
  4. Educate your employees.
    Make sure that your employees would not only have the all necessary knowledge related to cybersecurity but also update them in a timely manner. They should be aware of the latest changes and additions in this area. Consider organizing regular training to educate your employees on how to recognize the signs of data breach and the ways to prevent it.
  5. Implement formal security policies.
    Most medium and small enterprises often operate without strict adherence to all necessary measures related to cybersecurity, even though this is exactly the area where the constant introduction of new knowledge and special security policies is necessary. Make sure your employees have clear instructions to follow. Consider introducing a password policy, which now becomes a common practice for businesses.
  6. Enforce safe password practices.
    Developing a password policy is not enough though, as according to statistics more than a half of businesses that have such policies to do not enforce them, and therefore face the problems related to stolen or weak passwords. It is important to remember that passwords are the cornerstone of reliable protection against many problems. In modern conditions, password remains the main means authentication of computer systems Cybersecurity exprests recommend using passwords with both upper and lower case letters along with numbers and symbols.
  7. Use multifactor identification.
    Multifactor authentication is another efficient security feature. With configured multifactor authentication, you will have to enter a special login code or confirm login each time you try to access the corporate system from an unidentified device.
  8. Plan for mobile devices.
    Taking into account a huge number of modern technical devices used by employees, which include not only mobile phones but also fitness trackers and wireless smartwatches, it is necessary that all such devices constantly pass required security updates and have special passwords for a common corporate network.
  9. Regularly back up all data.
    Since any business is heavily dependent on its databases, it is necessary to adhere to the correct strategy in order to quickly and accurately restore the database in case it is lost or damaged. In addition, since data recovery should be delivered as well as their backup, this strategy should also include a consistent data backup system.
  10. Practice your incident response plan.
    You may face cybersecurity issue at any time in spite of all the precautious measures, as even the best security practices do no guarantee unbreakable cybersecurity. Therefore it is so important for every company to have not just a well-prepared plan for resolving such a situation but also well-trained specialists ready to quickly resolve the problem. This will require constant training according to your plan.

As we can see, there are a sufficient number of special measures that will protect your business from dangerous cybersecurity attacks. However, in order for all these measures to work, employees of your company must become accustomed to putting the concept of cyber security on top. And it will be necessary for the management to make information security their first priority. In addition, many businesses can benefit from VPN use – particularly when employees sometimes work remotely. A good VPN will encrypt all your data, protecting you from hackers on public wifi hotspots.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - CEO Insider - Cybersecurity In 2019: Ways To Keep Your Business Safe
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