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The 10 Horror Movies To Watch On A Date

When we think of a perfect movie date, we usually think of romanic movies where there’s a lot of love and inimate moments. But did you ever consider taking your date for a horror movie?

The horror element can be fun to watch with your partner. You two can cuddle and watch it, go to the nearest cinema, or watch online, if you’re in a long distance relationship.

Let’s have a look at ten best horror movies for a movie date:

1# Scream

Scream is a must watch for couples who are looking for a nice time together. Released in 1996, the movie was a great hit and has received a cult following. It stars Neve Campbell, Courtney Cox, David Arquette, Skeet Ulrich, and Drew Barrymore. The movie revolves around teenagers and is a perfect choice for a teenage couple.

It is about a teenager named Sydney Prescot who is a target of a serial killer. The serial killer wears a mask of a ghost, hence is called Ghostface in the movie. Any couple looking for a thrilling time together should definitely watch this movie together. It can be quite fun trying to solve the mystery that drives the movie.

Scream was very well received and even resulted in multiple sequels, all with a similar storyline.

2# Rosemary’s Baby

Released in the year 1968, Rosemary’s Baby was a massive hit. The star cast of the movie includes Mia Farrow and John Cassavetes. It is directed by Roman Polanski who has done a great job making this movie horrifying.

This movie is a perfect choice for newly married couples as its story revolves around one. Things go wrong when they plan a baby. Watch this one for some amazing twists.

3# The Exorcist

There is no better movie than this legendary piece of horrifying tale that will leave you and your partner screaming of terror. Released in 1973, The Exorcist stars Linda Blair in one of her best roles.

The movie revolves around a 12-year old girl who’s being controlled by a demon.

4# Warm Bodies

Starring Nicholas Hoult and Teresa Palmer, this movie is all about human-zombie romance. Released in 2013, it will remind you of Twilight, which glorified vampires. The movie is more romantic than horror which makes it worth watching with your special someone.

5# Friday the 13th

This 1980 horror movie is about a group of teenagers who visits a lake that reopened after 13 years. However, things don’t go as planned and they all begin to disappear one after another and the mystery behind their disappearance is what drives this movie.

6# House of Wax

Jared Padalecki, Elisha Cuthbert, Chad Michael Murray, and Paris Hilton come together in this 2005 movie. While this movie is not as popular as other movies on the list, it’s quite good if you enjoy nonsense horror.

7# The Shining

Based on a novel by Stephen King, The Shining was released in 1980. This movie is believed to be the most terrifying movie ever made. It is directed by Stanley Kubrick and stars Jack Nicholson.

It’s very terrifying so make sure you’re prepared for shrieks and tears.

8# When a Stranger Calls

Released in 2006, this movie is about a teenage babysitter who gets calls from a stranger while babysitting. She is told that the call is coming from the house itself which not only scares her but also alerts her to keep herself and the child away from the caller.

Made more like a thriller, this one will make you work with your partner as you sit on the edge of your chair.

9# A Nightmare on Elm Street

Released in the year 1984, A Nightmare on Elm Street stars Johnny Depp in one of his most unique roles. Revolving around sleep paralysis, insomnia, trauma, and murder, this movie is a great pick for a date night.

10# Casper

Made in 1995 and starring a cute ghost in the lead, this can be a perfect date movie. It has no chills and scares but it has a cute ghost. The movie is about a strong friendship between a ghost and a human.


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