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Report: List Of Richest Person In Every State In America, 2018

With a personal wealth of $137.6 billion, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos is not only Washington State’s richest resident, but also the richest person in the United States. Bezos easily outranks Bill Gates, who qualified as Washington’s richest for many years with a net worth of $$95.6 billion.

In other states, the richest person has remained firmly in control. Warren Buffett, the third-richest person on this year’s list, is worth $84.7 billion — about 18 times more than Walter Scott Jr., the next-richest resident of Nebraska (and a fellow Berkshire Hathaway billionaire).

A similar situation in Oregon: Nike founder and chair emeritus Phil Knight ($31.7 billion) is worth nearly 12 times his closest neighbor, Columbia Sportswear chief executive Timothy Boyle’s $2.5 billion.

It was a tighter race in California, where Oracle co-founder Larry Ellison beat out Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg, finishing with $59.5 billion — $3.1 billion more than Zuckerberg’s $56.4 billion.

For the ultra-rich in some states, however, it’s lonely at the top. In Hawaii, for example, the richest person (Pierre Omidyar, the founder of eBay – $11 billion) is also the state’s sole billionaire.

Six states — Alabama, North Dakota, Delaware, New Mexico, Vermont, Alaska — aren’t home to a single billionaire, so, in those locations, publication tracked down the richest multi-millionaires.

To identify the richest person in every state in America, CEOWORLD magazine looked at Forbes real-time data tracking system – Rich List Index: The World’s 1,200 Billionaires. The ranking takes into account wealth both self-made and inherited, and includes the world’s richest man, Jeff Bezos, in Washington State, as well as Walmart heirs Jim and Alice Walton in Arkansas and Texas, respectively.

List Of Richest Person In Every State In America, 2018

StatePersonTotal Net Worth
WashingtonJeff Bezos$137.6 bil
NebraskaWarren Buffett$84.7 bil
CaliforniaMark Zuckerberg$56.4 bil
KansasCharles Koch$50.6 bil
New YorkDavid Koch$50.6 bil
ArkansasJim Walton$47.3 bil
TexasAlice Walton$47.2 bil
NevadaSheldon Adelson$33.6 bil
OregonPhil Knight$31.7 bil
FloridaThomas Peterffy$25.7 bil
VirginiaJacqueline Mars$24.8 bil
WyomingJohn Mars$24.8 bil
South DakotaT. Denny Sanford$2.6 bil
OklahomaHarold Hamm$14.4 bil
ConnecticutRay Dalio$18.1 bil
MassachusettsAbigail Johnson$15.7 bil
ColoradoPhilip Anschutz$11.2 bil
HawaiiPierre Omidyar$11 bil
WisconsinJohn Menard Jr$9.3 bil
North CarolinaJames Goodnight$8.4 bil
TennesseeThomas Frist Jr$12.1 bil
IllinoisKen Griffin$9.9 bil
GeorgiaJim Kennedy$9.1 bil
IndianaCarl Cook$8 bil
MissouriPauline MacMillan Keinath$7.6 bil
MichiganDaniel Gilbert$6.6 bil
PennsylvaniaVictoria Mars$6.2 bil
MontanaDennis Washington$6 bil
New JerseyJohn Overdeck$5.5 bil
OhioLes Wexner$5 bil
MarylandTed Lerner$4.6 bil
IdahoFrank VanderSloot$4.3 bil
IowaHarry Stine$3.8 bil
ArizonaMark Shoen$3.1 bil
MinnesotaGlen Taylor$2.7 bil
LouisianaGayle Benson$2.8 bil
KentuckyB. Wayne Hughes,$2.7 bil
South CarolinaAnita Zucker$2.4 bil
West VirginiaJim Justice II$1.9 bil
Rhode IslandJonathan Nelson$1.8 bil
MaineSusan Alfond$1.6 bil
UtahGail Miller$1.4 bil
MississippiJames and Thomas Duff$1.2 bil
New HampshireAndrea Reimann-Ciardelli$1.1 bil
AlabamaJimmy Rane$0.95 bil
North DakotaGary Tharaldson$0.9 bil
DelawareElizabeth Snyder$0.75 bil
New MexicoMack C. Chase$0.7 bil
VermontJohn Abele$0.63 bil
AlaskaLeonard Hyde$0.31 bil

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