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21 Best Colleges, Universities, And Institutions In Ireland For 2019

It comes as no surprise that tor the 17th year in a row, Trinity College Dublin has topped the Sunday Times Good University Guide 2019. University College Cork ranks second best with University College Dublin third. The top three places on the list all remain in the same spot as last year while the University of Limerick and NUI Galway swap places from 2017.

The best education institutions in Ireland were measured on eight distinct criteria, and these include; student satisfaction levels, leaving certificate points achieved by incoming students, research profile, employment prospects for graduates, student to staff ratio, progression rate, expenditure on facilities and the academic achievement of their students.

The 21 Best Colleges, Universities, And Institutions In Ireland For 2019

  1. Trinity College Dublin
    Students’ satisfaction: 48.6%
    Graduate unemployment: 2.7%
    Progression rate: 91%
  2. University College Cork
    Students’ satisfaction: 47.3%
    Graduate unemployment: 2.7%
    Progression rate: 93%
  3. University College Dublin
    Students’ satisfaction: 49.6%
    Graduate unemployment: 2.9%
    Progression rate: 89%
  4. University of Limerick
    Students’ satisfaction: 51.1%
    Graduate unemployment: 2%
    Progression rate: 89%
  5. NUI Galway
    Students’ satisfaction: 50.1%
    Graduate unemployment: 1.9%
    Progression rate: 89%
  6. Dublin City University
    Students’ satisfaction: 49.3%
    Graduate unemployment: 6%
    Progression rate: 91%
  7. Waterford IT
    Students’ satisfaction: 49.7%
    Graduate unemployment: 4.6%
    Progression rate: 82%
  8. Cork IT
    Students’ satisfaction: 46.4%
    Graduate unemployment: 2.6%
    Progression rate: 88%
  9. Athlone IT
    Students’ satisfaction: 51.3%
    Graduate unemployment: 7.9%
    Progression rate: 83%
  10. IT Tralee
    Students’ satisfaction: 49.1%
    Graduate unemployment: 9.4%
    Progression rate: 89%
  11. Dublin IT
    Students’ satisfaction: 47.5%
    Graduate unemployment: 4%
    Progression rate: 86%
  12. Maynooth University
    Students’ satisfaction: 50.2%
    Graduate unemployment: 3.6%
    Progression rate: 89%
  13. Dundalk Institute of Technology
    Students’ satisfaction: 49.8%
    Graduate unemployment: 6%
    Progression rate: 86%
  14. Limerick IT
    Students’ satisfaction: 50.9%
    Graduate unemployment: 5.8%
    Progression rate: 83%
  15. IT Sligo
    Students’ satisfaction: 46%
    Graduate unemployment: 5.9%
    Progression rate: 86%
  16. Galway-Mayo IT
    Students’ satisfaction: 51.2%
    Graduate unemployment: 7%
    Progression rate: 80%
  17. Institute of Art, Design and Technology, Dun Laoghaire
    Students’ satisfaction: 50.1%
    Graduate unemployment:6.8 %
    Progression rate: 88%
  18. IT Carlow
    Students’ satisfaction: 48.9%
    Graduate unemployment: 4%
    Progression rate: 89%
  19. Letterkenny IT (Joined 18th place with IT Carlow)
    Students’ satisfaction: 49.8%
    Graduate unemployment: 13%
    Progression rate: 84%
  20. IT Tallaght
    Students’ satisfaction: 48.3%
    Graduate unemployment: 3%
    Progression rate: 78%
  21. IT Blanchardstown
    Students’ satisfaction: 48.4%
    Graduate unemployment: 5%
    Progression rate: 78%

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