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The Top 25 Most Valuable College Majors, Rankings For 2018

With a decent salary and a high guarantee of employment, the number one most valuable major on the market right now is something called actuarial science (actuaries), according to a study by Bankrate based on data from the US Census Bureau’s American Community Survey. What is that?

Actuarial science (actuaries) is a fascinating field that assesses risk for the insurance and finance industries by applying math and statistical models. If you are really great with numbers, this might be a worthwhile degree to pursue.

With an unemployment rate of 1.4% and an average annual income of $111,889, believe it or not, zoology is second most valuable major, followed by nuclear engineering; health and medical preparatory programs; and applied mathematics. With that in mind, let’s take a look at one of the most important questions facing young people: Which college major to choose?

The Top 25 Most Valuable College Majors, Rankings For 2018:

RankCollege majorAverage incomeUnemployment rate
1Actuarial Science$1086582.3%
3Nuclear Engineering$1085911.8%
4Health and Medical Preparatory Programs$1303082.3%
5Applied Mathematics$1056792%
6Pharmacy, Pharmaceutical Sciences, and Administration$1033501.8%
7Molecular Biology$1058492.1%
8Mechanical Engineering$1015902.4%
9Civil Engineering$964052.2%
11Chemical Engineering$1110182.9%
12Electrical Engineering$1061872.9%
13Biochemical Sciences$1093012.6%
14Computer Engineering$995872.5%
15Public Policy$977211.9%
18Petroleum Engineering$1537437.9%
19Miscellaneous Engineering$897042%
20Architectural Engineering$866221.9%
21Mechanical Engineering Related Technologies$823861.2%
22Mathematics and Computer Science$939612.4%
25Transportation Sciences and Technologies$903943%

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