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In the quickly evolving world of digital media and electronic technology, it might seem quite irrelevant to own business cards. At first glance they might seem outdated and unnecessary. But this is far from the truth. This age old tradition of exchanging business cards still exists and they hold more value than you think. We will try to point out to bring out both the direct and latent advantages of owning a business card.

Before directly jumping to the importance of these cards, let us first start with the basics. A business card is basically a way of introducing yourself in the corporate world. It gives the basic details such as the name, the designation, the place and types of work and of course the contact details. It is a way of staying connected with other people and forming a bond through a personal touch.

Why is it important to have a business card?

Now coming to the main part, a business card is still considered relevant because of a variety of reasons. We will go through them one by one.

Creating a lasting first impression: Ever met an amazing and interesting person at a party or in a meeting? Maybe you struck a random conversation with them and immediately found them worth your time. After a while you might wish to contact them again because you think they might be a potential client or an employer; but you hadno means of doing so. So what if by the end of the conversation, the person had given you his or her business card or you had given them yours? Would that not have created a much better impression? You always need to have a business card with you because you never know when opportunity will strike. Business cards act a professional and legitimate yet attractive method of creating favourable first impressions.

Looks professional and sets you apart: The business card is basically like the short version of your current updated CV which you can give to people you wants to impress or stay in contact. Even if your designation or company is not that impressive, the fact that you have your own business card psychologically makes people believe that you must be a highly valued professional. The cards can also be customised to suit your own unique taste and showcase your individuality. There are various companies that specialise in such designing. And they are also very easy to design. If you know the basic of any design software you can design the card yourself and give it for printing. You can also place your orders physically or online. You can also place your orders physically or online thanks to online printing services like HelloPrint.

Portability and ease of use: Business cards are small, lightweight and compact. All you have to do is fit them inside your pocket and they will go with you wherever you go. So it is like you are basically carrying your marketing with you. If you go to a convention or a business meeting, you can simply flash your card to prove your worth. Even if you run into an important person at an unexpected time, in an unexpected place, you will still find your business cards at the back of your pocket quietly waiting to rescue you. And the compact feature of the card also helps longer retention because the person receiving it will also be more likely to save it comfortably.

Economy: Business cards are very easy to print. You can print out a bunch of them in one go and store stacks for later use. The printing is only going to cost you a few bucks. And that is a small amount to pay for the possible benefits that you can get from it. So even if you are on a tight budget, you can always find a lot of printing companies which will offer you discounts for bulk printing.

Builds a strong and wide network:

We saw how business cards create an impression. And when people are impressed they are bound to contact you at one point or another. Suppose you are a marketing executive. You had given your business card to a prospective client. Even if the person you gave the business card to does not use it, he or she will definitely refer it to a friend if they think that they can benefit from your services. This means that the network will keep growing like this. Business cards are like money. The human mind is not naturally equipped to throw them away like fliers or other advertisements. They will keep it with them or pass it around. Either way it will continuously remain in circulation. This network aspect of business cards makes it a very effective marketing tool.

Personalisation: Passing and swapping contacts through the online source and digital media appears a bit impersonal. A business card then again shapes a considerably more grounded bond and produces better relations. Think of it this way, if you are a client who is the following would you expect your advertiser to do after he meets you and talk terms? Send you an email later with the details of the company? Or hand you his business card immediately? It is obviously the second one, right?

Shows your level of preparation: Now we have established the fact that we might run into people that require our introduction in strange places and times. What if your phone battery is dead then? Are you going to hurriedly pick out a paper or napkin and write down the details and give it that person? What sort of impression would that create? Will they not think that you are better prepared if you smile and simply hand them your business card effortlessly?

They advertise your brand: This goes without saying. Since the business card is custom designed to tailor fit your particular brand, it helps promote you as a unique individual. It makes you referable and allows people a chance to follow up with you.

Hope these reason have convinced you and made you believe that business cards are essential.

Latest research shows that the visiting cards are the best source to develop a powerful network and business relationships in your social circle.

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