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How to clear Mozilla Firefox cache on Macbook

Sometimes browser users face the fact that the pages are opening slowly and all the processes on their computer are also slowing down with time. This problem is elementary to fix. To accelerate the work of your Mac, it is often enough to clear the web cache. What is browser cache, why it is necessary to remove it and how to do it in Mozilla Firefox? Let us explain in more detail.

What is browser cache?

Let’s say you listen to music in Mozilla, view photos or watch online videos through YouTube. The browser in a unique directory automatically saves some of this information. Why is this necessary? It’s simple: the next time you visit a site that you visited earlier, the system does not need to download images that are already in the cache. Web browsers use caching of Internet pages to store frequently requested resources on the user’s computer to prevent they’re constant downloading from the source server and reducing traffic.

Why is it necessary to clear browser cache?

Why is the memory cleaning also so necessary in the modern world, where the speed of the Internet allows you to download huge files in a few seconds? Broadband Internet access is not everywhere available, and also not every site is loaded as fast as we would like it to be. Sometimes in a browser can be problems with the actualization of a web page because its loading is realized from the previously stored cache and no update is performed. In this case, we recommend you to clear the cache memory in your web browser. Also, it is recommended to clean it after updating the firmware or when there are problems with a displaying the web configurator of the device.

How to clean Mozilla Firefox cache?

Mozilla Firefox is one of the most popular browsers, which is distributed entirely free. It is the third most popular in the world, and in some countries, it holds even the top positions in this parameter. But as any browser, it has to be cleaned from the cache memory.

This can be done manually and automatically or with the help of special cleaning programs.

1. Manual cache cleaning

Mozilla Firefox 4.0 and later versions: Browser menu “Tools” (if the menu bar is hidden, press the Alt key) choose “Clear Recent History”. In “Erase Recent History” window put the flag next to the “Cache” and press “OK”.

2. Automatic cache cleaning

You can configure Firefox to clear the cache automatically, every time you exit Firefox: in menu “Settings” select “Privacy and Security” panel. In the “History” section, select “Firefox will use your history storage settings”. Check the “Clear History” box when closing Firefox. Click “Options” button next to “Clear history” when closing Firefox. The window for setting the clear history is displayed. In the “Clear History” window that opens, select the checkbox “Cache”. Click on the “OK” button to close the history clearing configuration window. Any changes made will be saved automatically.

3. Smart cleaning from CleanMyMac

CleanMyMac starts the work with automatic scanning. This allows you to evaluate the deposits on your computer and clean it quickly. The work of the algorithm is divided into several stages. The first thing is the evaluation of a variety of caches, unnecessary language packs, duplicates. The following steps are scanning mail attachments, iTunes, Basket, as well as extensive files and folders that the user has not opened for a long time. After scanning, you can use one button to remove all the garbage found on your computer, including the browser cache.

All the described steps of cache removing from the Mozilla Firefox are quite simple, and with time they can be easily remembered. You can get additional information about browser cache and how to clean it by following this link. If you already tried to clean a cache in the Mozilla, then at the following settings, some of the settings tabs will already be opened in the right places.

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