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Ways By Which IoT Technologies Can Be Applied

Internet of things is a new technology that can change the world completely if app development companies can exploit it fully. Here are some of the ways android and iPhone app development companies can use the technology to change the world.

Apps that will prevent cars from starting

iPhone app development companies should develop an app that can be installed in a vehicle to prevent drunk drivers from driving. The app should work with a breathalyzer. This is how it should work. Once it is installed in the car, no car will start without the driver taking the breath test. After the test, if it is found that the alcohol level in the driver’s breath is higher than the accepted level, it will indicate that to the app and the app will prevent the engine from starting.

The app should display a message like “The alcohol level in your breath is too high, so you can’t drive”. Once the initiative is approved, car manufacturers should be mandated to install it in their cars. If a driver chooses not to take the test, the car should not start too. In this case the app should display a message like “Please take the mandatory alcohol test”. If iPhone app development companies can get this right, it will reduce the number of accidents caused by drunk drivers.

Routine maintenance check monitoring app

iPhone app development companies can also develop this app since most appliances now come with their app. Or it could be a new function that monitors routine maintenance check. Take an air conditioner for instance, when a routine check is done, it should be indicated on the app. Depending on how long it takes before another routine check is due, the app should be counting the days.

Once it is due, the app should notify the user that the appliance is due for service and it should also notify the vendor so that a call can be put through to him to also remind him. That way, many users will carry out proper maintenance check on their appliances as and when due.

This app should work with a car too. Once service is due, the app should notify the driver of the car and also send an alert to the dealer where the car was bought. The dealer can now call the owner of the car to remind him that service is due.

Pet locating app

iPhone app development companies should also create a pet locating app. When you buy a pet, you will need to embed a chip in its body. This chip should be used to monitor its pulse and location. So whenever the pet gets lost, the app should be able tell you the location and with the aid of Google map, you should be able to locate it.

By monitoring its pulse, the app should also tell you if your pet is still alive or dead. If this app sees the light of day, the number of lost pets will be reduced tremendously.

Restaurant apps

For this app to work, restaurants should have digital tables that respond to touch. So, when you get to the restaurant, you will use the table to choose your menu and also pay with credit card. Once you check out, the people in charge will see your menu because every table will be numbered.

So they will see what the customer on table #2 ordered. When your food is ready, a button will be pressed and a robot waiter will go and collect it and bring it to your table. This will not only lead to efficiency, it will also help employers save a lot of money as he will only need fewer hands.

Metal indicator app

This app should be designed to notify you if anyone with a metal comes near you. The app will be working like the security door that will not open when you have any kind of big metal in your bag or in your pocket. When anyone sits beside you in the bus and he or she has metal with him, your app should notify you. That way, you will be careful with such a person.

Of course, there will be a distance limit. It could be like just a meter. When anyone with a metal comes a meter close to you, your app should beep and vibrate so that you will check it and when you do, you will see a message like “metal detected”. Once you see that, you will be able to walk away because you don’t know the intent of the person.

Car bumper sensor

A sensor should be planted in both bumpers of a car. So, when a car is stationary, the sensor of the oncoming vehicle should be able to communicate with the sensor of the stationary vehicle so the driver of the oncoming vehicle will be notified that the car ahead is stationary. This should occur at a safe distance so that the driver of the car will have enough time to slow down.

Monitoring apps

Cameras should be installed in virtually all busy roads and these cameras should have apps controlling them. So, when an accident occurs, the police will just be able to search for the video of the accident to see who is really at fault. It will also be used in court in a car accident case.

Apps for appliance

All home appliances should come with their apps that can be installed on the users’ phone. So, he or she can control any of them from any location. This will offer so much convenience.

Product chip

Every consumer good should come with a chip that will be monitoring the quantity of the product. When the quantity becomes low, the manufacturer or vendor should be alerted so the customer can be called. Take butter for instance, the pack can come with a chip embedded. So, when the quantity of the butter becomes too low, the chip will alert the seller and he will in turn call the customer to notify him or her of the low quantity of butter at home.

In conclusion, these are just based on imagination but they can become a reality and life will become easier and better when they do. In fact, there is no limit to the application of IOT technology. Right now self-driven cars are the biggest technological advancement and people are anxiously awaiting their arrival. After that, more inventions will emerge.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - CEO Advisory - Ways By Which IoT Technologies Can Be Applied
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