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Android Instant Apps: Do You Know What’s That?

If you don’t know yet, now it’s the high time you know what is Android instant apps. Let me put this in a very straight and simplistic manner; Android instant apps are a newer version of native Android apps.

These are the only apps which can run without installing it on your device. These are the miniature version of the Android app without having a need to be stored on your device. Instant apps also have a different version which can be installed on the device only at the choice of the user.

Just a single click and the user can use the app on the go without blocking up the device space.

Here are the few popular names of the instant apps: Dotloop, Vimeo and NYTimes Crosswords. Through instant apps, Dotloop was able to increase its user base by 62% and NYTimes crosswords were able to increase its sessions by 50%. The Android app development company must pay heed to the caliber that instant apps have to change the interaction of the people with your app.

Developers should focus on creating these apps as they let the users try out features of an app before giving any kind of commitment of the entire on-device installation.

The best part of instant apps is that it really helps in dropping down the uninstall rates. The reason being the users now don’t download the app without knowing what lies inside and then have to uninstall it being disappointed with the features and functionality.

Now with Android instant apps, they will get a trailer for the app and if they are impressed with it, then only they will opt for the next step of the installation. It’s like tasting the cake before ordering or trying out the clothes before buying.

Here’s an example of the benefits users avail of the Android instant app. You are at a store buying products and you know that you can pay through an instant app of the store.

So, what will you do, download the entire app, wait for its installation and then go for the payment or just open a link and pay for the products through the Android Pay through instant apps? The instant app will be the choice you will make, right? Convenient and rapid.

When you burst your audience only with the content they are interested in; you will be able to increase their engagement time and drop down the retention rate massively.

Viewer session of the Vimeno’s app is increased by 130%. Users can engage with the content and that is possible when you serve them with specific content. Users get hooked on such content and you get a bump with the numbers and they download the entire app to get the wholesome experience.

Downloading and keeping the apps on the phone which you merely use of just 2 to 3 features seem to be a waste of storage space. Android app development now instant apps let the user declutter their mobile space and fill it up with only those apps which are actually needed.

Difference Between A General App And Instant App

Developing an instant app is not essentially complex, it’s just that the process is entirely different. The basic difference is that the maximum size of this instant app is 4MB. Now, this is a challenge fitting a 50MB into just 4MB.

This seems to be practically impossible. So, the way out is making different modules for each of the features and a different module for the base. However, make sure that the combination of both the base module and the feature module cannot exceed 4MB.

This process is called modularization, basically, you are developing something big by breaking it down into many smaller features. Make sure that one feature is different from another, but they can call each other through deep linking. Make sure to plan your code primarily or else there will be risk refactoring the code into files and modules to refrain from bugs and complexities.

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