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Biz 1on1 makes entrepreneurs the stars!

What’s it like to grow a business?  What kind of personalities leads the high growth companies that REALLY drive our economy?

Viewers of Bloomberg TV Canada and Amazon Video Direct around the world have been getting those answers as host Randy Lennon goes 1on1 with some of North America’s most fascinating entrepreneurs, business owners, and corporate executives.

And now, Biz 1on1 is currently casting for its second season!

The show is an excellent example of success through simplicity.  As its title suggests, the show features simple, one-on-one interviews between a business personality and Randy Lennon.

A lifelong entrepreneur himself, as well as a television and radio personality, comedian, political advisor, recording artist manager, NHL executive, investment banker, and oh yeah, a police officer, Randy is quite the personality as well.

Because of his diverse background, and having scrambled to make the payroll more than once along his 40-year path in business, his guests are immediately in a comfort zone on the stark, stylized, all white Biz 1on1 set

“Every business has a great story to tell,” says Lennon, a Canadian entrepreneur who was the Johnny Carson of his hometown Edmonton, Alberta in the ‘80s and has worked in all aspects of the radio and television business since.  “On this show, we showcase the most fascinating business owners and corporate executives to bring those stories to life.  I can assure you; we’ve never had a boring interview!”

Biz 1on1 has featured a wide range of guests from early-stage technology entrepreneurs as young as 21 all the way to an iconic 80-year-old billionaire.

We’ve heard the stories of a famous professional sports agent who took on a corrupt NHL Players Association head and how he faced death threats building his business; a fitness studio owner with a new exercise technology explained how she teaches trainers to change clients’ lives on only 15 minutes of intense strength training each week; a business brokerage owner described how most people who build great businesses have no idea how to exit and why that’s important; and many more.

Being featured on Biz 1on1 is an exciting experience for an entrepreneur and includes a day trip to either Kelowna, British Columbia or Scottsdale, Arizona where the interviews are recorded.  Appearances have also opened the door for additional exposure beyond TV.

“Following the airing of our episode, we received several interview requests from other media outlets and are now being featured in several conferences as a result of the exposure,” says guest Matt Anderson.  “Biz 1on1 is a great opportunity for start-ups of all sizes to showcase their work to an audience normally only accessible to bigger players.”

Anderson’s company benefited from an introduction to a large industry player as a direct result of appearing on the show.  “After the shoot, we had increased traffic to our site, and a member of the Shaw Communications executive team actually reached out to us through our contact form!”

All interviews, long and short form, are archived on the comprehensive Biz 1on1 website along with profiles and pictures of the guests.  The site is fast becoming a video version of LinkedIn as all the guests are connected through it.  And an archive of what will eventually be hundreds of hours of searchable video awaits business students, aspiring entrepreneurs, and the 80% of the population who wish they could be their own boss.

“We are building a fascinating network of executives, entrepreneurs, and business owners with a shared experience of being on Biz 1on1, and we connect them to each other,” adds Lennon.  “We are planning our first Biz 1on1 International Conference in 2020 where all the guests of the show will be invited to come together along with top speakers in business, personal development, and cutting-edge technology.”

Quality video content is today a must for every business, large and small.  In the early 2000s, every business needed to build a website.

Then, every business needed a mobile enabled website.  Today, businesses need quality video content not only for their websites, their apps but also for their social media.

The printed word is becoming less and less relevant to building a business.  Young people prefer not to read; instead, they want to watch the video.  This trend now spreads across all demographics.

“Today, it’s all about video content,” explains Lennon, who is also the founder of the emerging international media company that produces the show, Visland Media.  “Ask 15-year-olds how something works, and they don’t go to Google, they go to YouTube.  If your web and social media isn’t video-based today, you are a dinosaur company.  It’s as simple as that.”

If you’d like to apply to be a guest on Biz 1on1 or find out more, click here.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - CEO Advisory - Biz 1on1 makes entrepreneurs the stars!
Mindy Wright

Mindy Wright

Deputy Commissioning Editor
Mindy Wright is CEOWORLD magazine's Deputy Commissioning Editor, and leads global newsroom coverage and management. She oversees and coordinates coverage of the news and ideas in partnership with writers across the continent. She has reported from more than 15 countries across Asia, Europe, Africa and the Americas. She has advised CEOs, investors, boards, and high-profile industry leaders on a wide range of issues impacting the global business landscape. She can be reached on email You can follow her on Twitter at @ceoworld.