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Here Are The World’s Top 20 Trending Destinations For Short-Term Vacation Rentals For 2018

South Korea’s eastern city of Gangneun tops the list of of trending destinations for short-term vacation rentals for 2018, according to Airbnb, followed by the seaside town of Bournemouth in the United Kingdom and Alberta’s capital Edmonton.

Gangeung has seen an incredible 2,175% increase in bookings over the past year. Columbus, OH (254%) came in sixth on the trending destinations list, behind Indianapolis Columbus, OH (256%) and Vietnam’s Da Nang Columbus, OH (255%).

The World’s Top 20 Trending Destinations For Short-Term Vacation Rentals For 2018:

  1. Gangneung, South Korea: 2,175%
  2. Bournemouth, United Kingdom: 353%
  3. Edmonton, Alberta, Canada: 284%
  4. Indianapolis, United States: 256%
  5. Da Nang, Vietnam: 255%
  6. Columbus, OH, United States: 254%
  7. Gazimagusa, Cyprus: 234%
  8. Bilbao, Spain: 234%
  9. Hanoi, Vietnam: 212%
  10. Matinhos, Brazil: 209%
  11. Cardiff, United Kingdom: 206%
  12. Guarapari, Brazil: 205%
  13. Minneapolis, United States: 193%
  14. Oita, Japan: 190%
  15. Dunedin, New Zealand: 185%
  16. Mar del Plata, Argentina: 181%
  17. Fernie, British Columbia, Canada: 179%
  18. Zagreb, Croatia: 175%
  19. Mykonos, Greece: 173%
  20. Mazatlan, Mexico: 169%

What’s been trending overall this year?

Dr. Amarendra Bhushan Dhiraj

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