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8 Lavish Gift Ideas for Your Most Valued Employees

There are many reasons to present gifts to your most valued employees. They might include holidays, recognition for a job well done, a birthday, or just because.

Office gifts are a valuable means of connection with and valuation of employees. If received well, a good gift increases worker engagement and helps people stay loyal to your organization.

Gifts for the majority of your employees can be fairly simple, such as a bonus check, a small gift basket, or a gift card. However, you owe your best employees something a little more luxe.

They’ve worked hard all year long to improve your numbers and remain loyal to your corporation. For these individuals, you might consider some of the following lavish gift ideas.

  1. A Resort Vacation

For many employees, an all-expenses paid vacation is their ultimate dream gift. Your hardest-working staff probably don’t take all their vacation days every year, so reward them for their dedication to the job.

Depending on the season, you could send your best people to a beach resort in Miami or on a skiing trip in Denver. Cover the flights, hotel accommodations, and food for several days.

  1. Smart Headphones

Give employees something that could help them stay more productive and focused during work. A pair of smart headphones, such as a set of wireless Beats headphones by Dre, for example, is one of the best ways to block out the noise of an office in a stylish way. It also shows your strong appreciation for everything they do.

  1. Durable Luggage Set

If your valued employees do a lot of traveling, a lightweight, durable, and stylish luggage set could be the perfect gift. It should be well-made, easy to roll, and spacious enough to handle the average business trip.

In most cases, a complete set isn’t necessary. A single piece of carry-on luggage is enough. If you want to go s step further, monogram the luggage. That way, they’re less likely to mix up their bag with someone else’s on a flight.

  1. Technology

Tech can make an excellent gift. There’s a constant influx of new devices and gadgets that your employees probably can’t wait to get their hands on.

Here’s a list of some of the most exciting tech items they’re sure to love:

  • The latest iPhone or iPad
  • The latest Samsung phone or tablet if they prefer Android over iOS
  • Wearable tech like the Apple Watch Series 2 or Fitbit Blaze
  • Useful tech accessories like a leather case or smart stylus

Every year, a new list of most exciting tech gadgets and accessories comes out. You can select anything on the list for your best workers.

  1. Gourmet Gift Basket

Give your top employees the gift of lovely flavors. Gourmet gift baskets are filled with the finest foods and goodies your staff probably doesn’t eat on a regular basis.

There are hundreds of options for a basket, and you can customize it according to people’s tastes. If you don’t find the perfect gift basket, you could offer a subscription to a company that makes and delivers gourmet meals. Let your people eat in style after a long, hard day at work.

  1. 18-Piece Golf Club Set

In the corporate arena, it’s not hard to find employees who enjoy golfing. The game is often a stable for good business people, which makes a brand-new set of golf clubs a no-brainer.

Don’t go cheap on this purchase. Find the best set, made of titanium composite or stainless steel and fairway woods. Don’t forget a lightweight bag that can stand on its own, with luxurious driver covers.

  1. Gold-Plated Fountain Pen

A gold-plated pen is not only a marvelous gift, but also a useful tool that will last. Such a pen, like this Peerless 125 23-karat gold-plated beauty, can be used to sign special business deals and commemorate memorable partnerships.

It can also sit as a trophy of sorts on the recipient’s desk, as a constant reminder of your appreciation.

  1. A Personalized Experience

What makes a better gift than a precious memory? If you’ve heard your employees share an interest in something significant, offer an experience as your gift. Here are a few ideas to get you thinking:

  • Box tickets to a sporting event
  • Race-car driving experience
  • Local wine-tasting tour
  • Swimming with dolphins
  • A certificate to shoot a machine gun
  • A skydiving excursion

These gifts might not be for everyone, but if you have employees who value a unique experience, such extravagant gifts can create the perfect impression.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Education and Career - 8 Lavish Gift Ideas for Your Most Valued Employees
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