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How this Dropshipping Company is Changing the Way eCommerce is Done Online

When thinking about starting a business on the internet, you need to have a good idea on what you are going to sell, who your target audience is and what your content creation and marketing plan is going to be.

This is extremely important, as there are now more than a billion active websites, blogs and shopping sites on the internet today. With all of this in mind, you simply need to have a legitimate business model that caters to an audience and has a monetization plan in the process.

What is Drop shipping?

One such business model that has been working extremely well as of lately, is drop shipping and creating online stores. The concept of drop shipping is quite simple and effective. Instead of actually needing to pre-purchase and hold any inventory, online stores simply need to pass the sale information to the drop shipper (manufacturer) who will then ship out the product directly to the customer. The amount of money left in between the cost of the drop shipped item and what the customer actually paid is often the profit margin — minus any marketing and service costs.

This business model works extremely well because it’s an affordable and fast way to get started with an online business — even for someone who has no experience in web design, sales or online marketing.

Making the Process of Drop Shipping a Whole Lot Easier

Before going live with an online store of your own, you first need to find a platform to create your site, list products and manage your inventory. Shopify has quickly become one of the fastest growing players in this space, as they’ve eliminated the need for any technical skills required to start a site, while also never needing to touch a line of code to open a graphics design program. They also have all of the product management and payment processing tools connected within their platform as well. If Shopify isn’t a solution on your radar, there are plenty of other alternatives, such as BigCommerce.

However, the real magic of some of the most successful e-commerce sites online, come from the services provided by Oberlo — a tool that allows site owners to easily import products from suppliers directly into your Shopify store and ship directly to their customers – in just a few clicks. As someone who’s actually played around in the e-commerce space and used the tool, it did make the process of building a store, importing products and managing inventory much easier.

Oberlo isn’t just for big volume e-commerce sites and drop shippers either, smaller players are using to the tool to see huge results as well. One such example of this can be seen with Justin Wong, who was able to generate $12k in sales with his online store while also working a full-time job at the same time. Wong was already using Shopify to create his store, then he came across the Oberlo app while seeing what other options and applications were available to connect with his store. Once in place, it made the process of adding and managing products that much easier.

However, Oberlo isn’t the only application that makes selling through a Shopify store easier and more effective. You can view a list of the top 20 free Shopify apps here.

For Oberlo, the Mission was Clear — Make eCommerce Easy

As with many things in the world of the internet, everything that was once complicated and advanced now seems to be simplistic and easy for anyone. This is especially true with website creation and blogging, as there is really no need to touch a line or code or need to be a designer. Most platforms now offer drag and drop site creation or one-click installation of WordPress. This is the same type of technology and mindset Oberlo had when entering the e-commerce space.

In a recent interview on Arctic Startup, Oberlo CEO, Andrius Slimas was asked about where Oberlo was headed and how it’s quickly become a winning solution for e-commerce site owners or anyone looking to build an online store of their own. He went on to say the following:

“We made it infinitely easier and far more efficient to launch an eCommerce business,” says Oberlo CEO Andrius Slimas. “Out of almost 3,000 active Oberlo store owners, 66% of them had zero orders through their stores before installing Oberlo, and now as of this moment they’ve processed more than 74,000 orders.” 

With over 400,000 businesses now powered by Shopify and over a million active users on their platform, Oberlo has not only found the sweet spot for their business, they’re also helping entrepreneurs and e-commerce stores generate billions of dollars in the process.

The Future of eCommerce and Where We Are Headed

According to Statista, e-commerce share of total global retail sales is going to climb to more than 15% by 2021. This can already clearly be seen as more brick and mortar stores continue to close, while online shopping sites like Amazon continue to grow in size. Online ecommerce sales are also expected to top the $4 billion mark by 2020, as reported by eMarketer.

For businesses and brands that haven’t adjusted yet, it’s no longer a question of if and when they will need to get their business online, it’s simply a matter of when. The same holds true for any entrepreneurs or would-be e-commerce site owners looking to get into the game. The concept and demand for buying products online are only going to increase. The average person doesn’t care if their product is coming from the brand direct, a store, a warehouse or even being drop shipped across the world — they simply want the best product at the best price possible.

Online shopping and e-commerce are here to stay. Just make sure your business and brand are adapting along with it.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Education and Career - How this Dropshipping Company is Changing the Way eCommerce is Done Online
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