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Why Professional Services Need Applications In This Mobile Age

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Do you know it is quite convenient and easy to access the information you need concerning your products and services by using a mobile app developer? Many employees have testified to the increase in personal productivity, all thanks to enterprise apps. More so, it is necessary for professional service companies to give apps to their employees and customers which will help in delivering services and customer support.

7 Types Of Applications That Can Help Your Professions

This Mobile age is a technologically driven. You have to be versatile enough to know how to make your customers patronize you and also how to make your firm productive. Here are some tips you can use to help you stand out from your competitors.

  1. Sales Support Application

Using a sales support app could help differentiate you from other competitors by distinguishing you based on your unique method. This app also helps you win new clients, and it also shows prospective clients the services your firm offers in a visually engaging way(example using a tablet). The applications help to show information about what you and what your services are all about. With this, your prospective client will have no choice than to patronize you because of your unique method. You would also attract more people because everyone wants new ideas, people are tired of the usual way things are done.

Sales support app is vital for the events you need to advertise. These apps can contain information about all of these, which will enable you to refresh your memory about them anytime you want to. It could save you the stress of drawing documents upon documents which might eventually get lost, and this would jeopardize your whole work. Instead, you can submit it electronically.

  1. Reporting Applications

In reporting, one has to be very careful because your report can be ignored if some measures are not put into consideration. A reporting application could help with updating you on information that could assist you with customer relations.

An app helps in delivering data easily; it allows you to input it directly and also to create a custom report that is delivered directly to managers’ or clients’ mobile devices.

Are you aware that when you don’t engage some media videos, informative graphics, and the likes, this can make your reporting look unprofessional and might be ignored by prospective clients? This is why some reports you see on the web are ignored because it looks dull and unattractive. In most cases, the beginning of the report is so weak which serves as a number one turn off for the clients. In essence, when reporting, try and insert infographics, interactive timelines, videos, embedded documents and many other media so as to make your reporting attractive to prospective clients.

  1. Calculating Auditing Apps

Calculating auditing apps makes calculations on a mobile device accurate when you follow instruction properly with appropriate parameters such as income bands and business rates.This will also be useful and helpful for those in advisory and tax services. The apps also send notifications to you to make sure you are on schedule.

  1. Document Library App

This app helps replace paperwork. Paperwork could be very stressful and challenging, especially when you’re trying to make sure you’re carrying the right paperwork for meetings. This could be challenging, and also, printing and scanning documents could be tedious and time-consuming. Therefore, document library app saves you the stress of paperwork; rather you can carry all the information you need on your mobile device with which you would be able to deliver and access at any point in time.

The app also contains e-signature functionality, so that when you want to sign contracts and the likes you don’t need to go through the long process of printing, scanning and delivering, it could be done with the app.

Document library app is advisable for use in this mobile age to avoid being outdated in your various fields.

5.Training App

Training is very cogent in professional services. Without training, you can’t deliver properly. These pieces of training are paramount in professional companies like auditing because they deal with data and sensitive ones at that. If the right measures are not put in place for the training, it will be very challenging. But using their devices, it will help the employees complete their training at their own time.

When all the training materials and designing are included in the app, the training process will be more interactive, and this will motivate employees to engage more in it. And it would also rapidly increase their knowledge and make learning easier.

A training app includes varieties of media such as videos, embedded documents, and interactive charts, which usually makes the learning process more inviting than in PDF or paper alternatives.

Also, you could include “gamification” elements in training apps like exam or quiz functions. Also, it is wise to assign points and badges to employees who scores high marks. When you include a leader board, it promotes healthy competition amongst the employees.

With this app, training processes would be fun and highly interactive. And also, it would save your company the cost of training and the time that would be spent in the training sections.

  1. Event App

Any event can benefit from an app be it internal or external events that your company is sponsoring, from speaker information and schedule down to note-taking and networking. This event apps can deliver value or quality to your attendees, and this can make your event and brand stand out.

Another advantage of these apps is that they allow you to engage attendees before, during and after the event, which can extend your reach even further.

Making event app a central part of your offering can be an instrument to your event’s success because it has become an essential aspect of events rather than a cool-to-have feature.

  1. Internal Communications App

Finally, companies can benefit from an internal communications channel, primarily professional services such as auditing companies because it is necessary for effective communications among teams and colleagues.

These Internal communications apps are in the form of instant messaging networks which usually allows people send important messages and requests with the use of the push notifications. It also ensures these messages are read instantly. It is more effective and efficient than email especially when it comes to instant communications.

It also makes group conversations easier because it can help to eliminate the risk of someone forgetting to click “Reply all.”

Many companies are yet to start using this app and still rely on email for reasons best known to them. Obviously, an internal app is the best in this mobile age as it helps in conveying messages in split seconds and also effectively.


If you want your firm, company, and or employees to be productive and deliver. Mobile app devices should be recommended to make work more efficient, productive and attractive.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Education and Career - Why Professional Services Need Applications In This Mobile Age
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