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Tips for young people who want to become a CEO

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It’s graduation season, and young aspirants are already looking at different ways in which they can get to the top. These aspirants know they’ll not have an easy time dealing with challenges that come their way. With sights set on the top job, one can either climb the corporate ladder or spend some time and be a founder of a startup to make it a successful company one day.

So, if you are getting ready to be the next Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs or Bill Gates, here are some tried and tested tips that should help you get to the top and become a successful CEO.

1. Develop communication skills

People today think that the internet offers a pool of information and so there is no need to be dependent on people around. This isn’t true because personal experiences and thoughts can have a bigger impact, as compared to static information available on the internet. Please do not assume that we are against information that is found online; the emphasis is on the development of communications skills.

Communication can even help in learning about human tendency and if you’re looking for viable partners, investors or employees, you’ll achieve the same in the process.

2. Being Tech-savvy

Technology is a game changer, and if you’re not embracing the best of tech, you’ll fade away in the long run. Some people think that CEOs do not have to be tech-savvy because their focus is on their business and people will be hired for the tech zone.

Being tech-savvy is important for founders of startups because they are usually short of funds and investing in the services of a CIO might not be a great option for them.

3. Ask for advice

Being the founder or CEO doesn’t mean you’re the best and there is no one who’s better than you. Smart people might be working outside your company, and the only way in which you can stay a step ahead is by asking them for advice. Choosing the right person can be a challenge here because the task isn’t as easy as looking for jobs in construction. Moreover, you’ll have to keep your ego under control so that you do not make the mistake of exposing yourself to them.

Remember that if they are smart, they can exploit you too!

4. Adopt a service mindset

To be a successful CEO, you have to work hard in today’s world because people want quality and quantity at a price that matches their range.

A CEO has to provide quality service to not only his clients and investors but also shareholders and employees. Adopting a service mindset early on will help you save your company.

5. Opportunities are opportunities

There is no harm in segregating opportunities, but if you’re planning to stay away from small opportunities that can hardly make a difference to your bank accounts, you’re already on the wrong track.

Remember that your startup is even small, and if you consider small to be insignificant, you might lose sight of your dream soon, and that is not a sign of a future CEO. So, grab every opportunity and stay dedicated until the very end of your journey.

6.  Don’t be in a hurry

Being new to the world of business, you’ll be in a hurry to reach the top, but it won’t be possible. We are not saying that there aren’t young CEOs in this world but your expectations can hurt your plans, and it could affect your level of dedication. So, be careful and make it a point to take your time to learn and get into the habit of working.

Being in a hurry is a sign of an amateur aspirant, and that can be disastrous. Patience is the key, and you should make sure that you think at least twice before moving ahead. In unusual cases, you might have to rework your strategies even because of the decisions made in a hurry. So, be careful.

7. Get ready to take the burden

Remember that with the top job, your responsibilities will multiply and you cannot avoid it. If you think that you can get away with limited responsibilities, you’re bound to fail. Frankly, you can cut down on your responsibilities if you manage to pull down your level of satisfaction. This is a good thing to do at times, but in the short-term, you’ll have to burden yourself with responsibilities.

8.    Categorize your goals

Short-term as well as long-term goals are important and young aspirants either do not understand the difference between the two or focus on one of them only. Short-term goals can be the ones that can be achieved in less than five years. Working on short-term and long-term goals simultaneously will help you grow your business and be happy about the progress report.

9.  Ask for feedback

Get ready for negative comments because startups are usually criticized for everything. It is a fact that if you are 99% in every section, people will still cry about the 1% and you’ll have to deal with it.

Asking for feedback can be tough, especially if you’re not used to people commenting on your hard work, especially the ones who do not understand the sacrifices and efforts you put in. However, it can be a tough call, and a future CEO should get into the habit of seeking feedback early to win the game.

10.  Have the guts to fire people

Although this is a negative thought, it’s important because you might have hired people based on their skills and they might be good for your company. However, if they make a mess and are consistently dropping their level of efficiency, it is better to fire them today than regret not firing them at the right time.

We know this is a difficult task, but you’ll have to prepare yourself for it. After all, you cannot let someone work for you who is poisoning your company culture.

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