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Incredibly Useful Software That Help HRM In Recruitment and Business Affairs

Ever since the emergence of technology, life has become much easier. Technology has provided so many advantages to business in different ways.

Recruitment can be done with the help of different software devised to select the right candidate for the company.

These technical tools have not only helped HRM in choosing the right candidate but they are quite unbiased and free from error. There is different software which help in selection of right candidates and help in managing business affairs in a proficient way.

Some of the popular software that helps HRM in recruitment and business affairs is discussed in this guest post.

Here are few incredibly useful software that Help HRM In recruitment and business affairs:

  1. Firefish Software

    This software helps in recruitment, managing and analyzing the professional skills of employees. You can easily reach to your desired candidates directly from your webpage. It helps you in saving money on posting ads on job advertisement sites, now you can directly reach to the skilled and talented candidates.

    This software also helps you to track records of all those candidates who are being contacted from your company for job selection purposes. You can also send SMS and job alerts to candidates.

    This software also helps in the recruitment process, if the talented candidate is living in another city but wants to relocate to your city than this software will help you in filtering CVs of those candidates who want to relocate to your city.

    In addition to this, Firefish software is best to analyze the productivity and efficiency of your company. This software has changed the conventional ways of HRM and helps entrepreneurs in hiring the best candidates and managing their firms in a smooth way. In short Firefish Software helps in:

    – Recruiting, managing and analyzing the right professional for the company.
    – It helps in contacting the right candidates directly.
    – It sifts the professional portfolios and helps in selecting the highly skilled people for your organization.

  2. BambooHR

    If you are running a small business and want to track the employment track of all the employees than you can use this software Bamboo HR is perfect software for managing small businesses efficiently.

    BambooHR is online software that helps in tracking employee track and his performance. You can check the track records of all the employees with the help of this software. This software saves your time as it is quite user-friendly. You can access the data of your employees from anywhere by downloading this software on your laptops and mobiles. BambooHR is:

    – User friendly.
    – Efficient in tracking employee records.
    – Manages business matters.

  3. Workable

    Workable software has helped many recruiters to recruit the best candidates for their companies. This software helps you from posting a job ad to selecting the right candidate. This software has different tools which help in hiring the skilled applicants.

    Organized CVs, transparent communication and structures interviews help the recruiters in taking the right decision to choose the best candidate. You can download this software on your mobiles and desktops. You should download Workable because:

    – It is user friendly and easy to handle.
    – It recruits the best people for your company.
    – It organizes profiles of the candidates.

  4. Zoho Recruit

    Zoho Recruit is the online recruiting software. Zoho Recruit is used across the globe due to its efficiency and proficiency. Zoho Recruits serves following functions:

    – It posts job ads to various job advertisement websites.
    – It publishes job ads to job boards.
    – It helps in importing and parsing CVs.
    – It helps in creating career websites.
    – It can communicate with candidates through emails, SMS.
    – It helps in custom recruitment workflow and can also create custom reports.

    Zoho Recruit has helped thousands of recruiters in hiring the right candidate and in managing other management matters meticulously.

  5. Lever – Modern Recruiting Software

    This software is created with the aim to select the top talents among the crowd. This software is the best in terms of tracking the applicant’s details and abilities.

    It can track the details and experience of the candidate. Lever is used to assess the right candidate. It helps in:

    – Recruiting process.
    – Arranges interview with the candidates.
    – It is errorless and unbiased in selecting the best employees for your company.

  6. Namely

    Namely has been created to manage human resource affairs. It is the best HRM tool. It helps in managing employees affairs with the help of different tools. Namely helps firms and companies to devise benefits for employees and it connect employees with insurers as well. Every HR should download namely because:

    – It is an inclusive package.
    – It has integrated all the tools to save your time and you can access your desired information regarding employee’s recruitment and attendance, work performance and more in one application.

  7. Zenefits

    Zenefits is quite popular among HRs for managing everyday HR activities. It manages payroll, benefits, track employees work hours, and vacation accrual. Integrated services help in keeping track of changes throughout the service history of employees. it is the best option for HRM because:

    – It is free to download.
    – It helps in efficient management of HRM activities.
    – It has payroll dashboard and you can track any employees’ working hours, benefits, attendance and much more.

  8. SuccessFactors

    This software is designed for HR activities. It is efficient for high sized businesses. You can get benefits from SuccessFactors by expanding your small business to an advanced level. It is best because:

    – It helps in aligning business goals.
    – It analyzes employees’ performance.
    – It is used by big firms and organizations across the world.

These are some of the best software which help in recruiting and managing HRM activities. All of this software are free from biasness and subjectivity which makes the business process smooth and increased chances of productivity are also ensured. Technology has helped in making HR processes more impartial and employees’ performance record help people to work hard and work on their weak areas. Employees also trust their employers because they know that these records are maintained by software and there is no biasness.

Written by: Tom Nike, an Entrepreneur, CEO and a writer who works for Pay for Essay Writing and writes on different topics related to recruitment, business and technology.

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