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These Are The 12 Major Emerging Technologies In Need Of Better Governance


A newly published study by the World Economic Forum suggests that Robotics and Artificial intelligence (AI) to be the major emerging technology most in need of better governance.

The second major emerging technology most in need of governance is biotechnologies, followed by energy capture, storage, and transmission.

Other technologies in the top 10 are blockchain and distributed ledger (No. 4), geo-engineering (No. 5), neurotechnologies (No. 6), the proliferation and ubiquitous presence of linked sensors (No. 7), new computing technologies such as quantum computing (No. 8), advanced materials and nanomaterials (No. 9), and space technologies (No. 10).

Here are the 12 major emerging technologies in need of better governance:

1. Robotics and Artificial intelligence (AI)

2. Biotechnologies

3. Energy capture, storage, and transmission

4. Blockchain and distributed ledger

5. Geoengineering

6. Neurotechnologies

7. Ubiquitous presence of linked sensors

8. New computing technologies

9. Advanced materials and nanomaterials

10. Virtual and augmented realities

11. Space technologies

12. 3D printing

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