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These are the top 25 richest families in the United States 2016

No surprise, with an estimated net worth of $130 billion, the Waltons of Wal-Mart Stores, was named the richest family in the United States, according to the latest tally of the richest rich in Forbes magazine.

With a net worth of $82 billion, Koch family, owners of the Koch Industries, was second riches, followed by Mars, Cargill-MacMillan, and Cox families with respective net worths of $78 billion, $49 billion and $41 billion.

The S.C. Johnson family (cleaning products) rank No. 6 on the list, with net worth of $30 billion. The Pritzker family rank No. 7 with $29 billion. The richest of the rich remain the Waltons, collectively, the top 25 richest families in America are worth $722 billion.

These are the top 25 richest families in the United States, 2016:

RankNameNet WorthOrigin of Wealth
1Walton family$130 billionWal-Mart
2Koch family$82 billionDiversified
3Mars family$78 billionCandy
4Cargill-MacMillan family$49 billionCargill Inc.
5Cox family$41 billionMedia
6S.C. Johnson family$30 billionCleaning products
7Pritzker family$29 billionHotels, investments
8(Edward) Johnson family$28.5 billionMoney management
9Hearst family$28 billionHearst Corp.
10Duncan family$21.5 billionPipelines
11Newhouse family$18.5 billionMagazines, cable TV
12Lauder family$17.9 billionEstee Lauder
13Dorrance family$17.1 billionCampbell Soup Co.
14Ziff family$14.4 billionPublishing
15Du Pont family$14.3 billionDuPont (chemicals)
16Hunt family$13.7 billionOil
17Goldman family$13.7 billionReal estate
18Busch family$13.4 billionAnheuser-Busch
19Sackler family$13 billionPain medicines
20Brown family$12.3 billionLiquor
21Marshall family$12 billionDiversified
22Mellon family$11.5 billionBanking
23Butt family$11 billionSupermarkets
24Rockefeller family$11 billionOil
25Gallo family$10.7 billionWine, liquor

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