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25 Most Romantic American Cities For Valentine’s Day In 2016

San Francisco has been ranked the best city in the United States for Valentine’s Day in 2016, a recent report by WalletHub suggests, followed by No. 2 Scottsdale, Arizona.
The report said Americans will spend about $19.7 billion on Valentine’s Day this year.

Honolulu ranked 3rd on the list, while Orlando placed 4th on the list. However, Seattle placed 5th on the list.They study surveyed 100 most populated U.S. cities and ranked them based on Valentine’s Day activities, budget, gift accessibility and weather forecast.

Valentine’s Day, by the numbers:

A) $19.7 billion: projected Valentine’s Day spending
B) $87.25: average spent by couples going out for evening
C) 38.3: percentage of couples planning a night out
D) $4.5 billion: how much the couples will spend in total

List of 25 Most Romantic American cities for Valentine’s Day in 2016

25. Gilbert, Arizona
24. Austin, Texas
23. Omaha, Nebraska
22. Colorado Springs, Colorado
21. Denver

20. San Jose, California
19. Sacramento
18. Washington, D.C.
17. Virginia Beach, Virginia
16. San Diego

15. Tampa, Florida
14. Fremont, California
13. Minneapolis
12. Atlanta
11. Plano, Texas

10. Pittsburgh
9. Chandler, Arizona
8. Irvine, California
7. Portland, Oregon
6. Las Vegas

5. Seattle
4. Orlando
3. Honolulu
2. Scottsdale, Arizona
1. San Francisco

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