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Top 20 Most Generous Chinese Charitable Celebrities Of 2015

Huang Xiaoming and his wife Hong Kong model/actress Angela Yeung (Angelababy), was ranked No. 1 on the list top 20 most generous chinese charitable celebrities of 2015, announced by China Philanthropist magazine, folloed by Hong Kong actor Jackie Chan.

According to the list, the top 10 most generous chinese charitable celebrities in charity work are: Huang Xiaoming and Angelababy couple (No. 1), Jackie Chan (No. 2), Fan Bingbing (No. 3), Cui Yongyuan (No. 4), Zhao Wei (No. 5), Yang Lan (No. 6), Han Hong (No. 7), Yao Ming (No. 8), Wang Han (No. 9), and Yuan Li (No. 10).

The Chinese charitable celebrities list aimed to make an annual evaluation of public figures performance in charity, including film stars (actors & actresses), artists, athletes, TV anchors, writers, sportsmen, and sportswomen.

Based on the combination of quantitative and qualitative evaluation on how they contributed: donation (10%), fund raising (15%), charity activities (40%) and charity influence (35%).

The following are the top 20 Chinese Charitable Celebrities Of 2015:

1. Huang Xiaoming and Angela Yeung (also known as Angelababy couple)
2. Jacky Chen
3. Fan Bingbing
4. Cui Yongyuan
5. Zhao Wei

6. Yang Lan
7. Hang Hong
8. Yao Ming
9. Wang Han
10. Yuan Li

11. Jiang Yiyan
12. Yao Chen
13. Chen Kun
14. Koo Tin Lok
15. Li Yapeng

16. Li Bingbing
17. Shizuka Inou
18. Chen Kexin
19. Zhao Benshan
20. Yang Mi & Hawick Lau

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