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Over the years, open source software has flipped the tech world on its head. Today, GitHub has become the world’s largest collection of open source software, with an estimated size of 1PB, and with almost 9 million registered users. The open source community is dramatically expanding, recently joined by the world’s biggest players from Facebook to Apple and IBM.

The recent hype around open source has not only pushed forward the importance of collaboration and transparency, but has also placed a spotlight on the developers that quite literally rule the world through their projects, code and open source contributions. source{d}, a tech driven startup based in Madrid, began communicating with open source developers just over seven months ago, connecting them with company’s job opportunities. Their unique approach of matching technical challenges with what developers demonstrate in their

code contributions has proven to be a good bet to make. “This began as a side project” says Eiso Kant, Cofounder and Managing Director of source{d}. “One which started from our own engineering team growth requirements. We wanted to identify who the best developers were for our technology stack based on tangible data and objective evaluation. Analyzing open source and personal projects is a great way to understand ability and fit. The trick was how to do this at scale and efficiently, so we built the technology to enable exactly that.”

Looking at numbers, source{d} has analyzed over 4.6m developers across 14.4m projects, and 742m code contributions, also known as commits. “Today we work with over a petabyte of code!” says Kant. “Within that data it tells us a lot about a developer. For example, we can, with a high degree of certainty, analyze the tools, languages, frameworks and libraries they work with. We can determine a developer type through their code. Digging deeper, we identify patterns in their code such as style. This enables us to match that with the company’s development approach, coding standards, design patterns or idiomatic aspects.”

Beyond the technology is a team of software engineers from around the globe. This team manages every aspect of the process once a customer is on­boarded and technically qualified through a rigorous selection process. “The source{d} Developer Relations team are developers themselves, hand picked because of strong software development skills and business acumen.” Ivan Lopez, VP of Customer Operations said, “ Having a dialog that is developer to developer combined with our matching technology is unparalleled. By speaking with 3 developers a minute, we continue to learn from the community. This supports us refining our machine learning based matching, coming closer to our goal of putting every developer in the right job for them.”

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Author: Ivan Lopez.

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Ivan Lopez
Source{d} is a technology-driven company addressing the challenges of developer recruitment. We look to understand developers through the code they have written. We continuously analyze more than 15m GitHub projects with 754m code contributions across 4.6M developers worldwide.